Black Bean + Fried Egg Bowls

I’ve eaten dog food twice on accident and cat food once to win a competition. I convinced myself that the cat food was tuna, and actually sort of believed it, and if I still thought about it, I could still believe. The dog food was much harder to convince myself about, but it was a mistake I also only meant to make once. But accidentally made twice.

You see while at my handsome husband lover’s parents’ house, he grabbed a bowl and made a trip into the pantry. As he exited the closet of tasty delights, he shook the bowl and held it out to me. Excited to have snacks offered to me I immediately reached in, grabbed a morsel and popped it in my mouth, and cringed. “BABE!” the fella exclaimed, “That’s dog food! I just wanted you to put it on the floor.” Thoroughly embarrassed, I quickly spit the kibble back in the bowl, silently counting my blessings that I wouldn’t have to pretend that my future mother-in-law had invented a savory and delicious new treat. But y’all. When I hear the clinking and think about appetizers, I just get way too excited. Y’all KNOW what I’m talking about.

The second time, I stopped by my parents’ house to drop a few things off for my little momma. She wasn’t home when I swung by (as her cleaning lady says, when I inquire about her whereabouts, “She a say she go, an then she come back”), so I opted to scrounge through the house to create a delicious (free) lunch. After prepping my whole wheat naan, hummus and feta, I decided I needed a sweet bite to finish it off. Sitting on the counter was a cookie jar filled with small chocolate rounds topped with peanut butter. Excitedly, I threw two in my mouth and crunched down. Foiled again! Chocolate-peanut butter goodies quickly turned into puppy training biscuits upon a taste bud examination. Trust me, even the sweetest dog biscuit does not equal a dessert.

Unlike pet food, all human food can be manipulated to dance on the taste buds and lithely as Michael Flatley. Which brings us to beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat ’em, the more you… well, you and I both know that girls don’t toot, so there’s no sense in spreading that lil ditty around the blogosphere. But one thing that should spread faster than childhood obesity? These black bean bowls. As I mentioned in a previous post, my sweet lover and I are on a no-sugar, no-grain diet for my work health challenge, so we’ve had the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. And, as our lil ole motto says, his classical training married my happy accidents, and some of those happy accidents land one big steaming pile of goodness. Case in point? These. Which is why they have a blog post dedicated solely to them. These are excellent breakfast, brunch, lunch, snunch (snack lunch, as my high school BFF and I sired it) and dinner food.

Black Bean Bowl
Black Bean + Fried Egg Bowls:
Black beans – these can be canned or soaked overnight and cooked all day in the crock pot with cilantro, onion, cumin and mayhaps some jalapeno, if you’re feeling lively
Grilled or sauteed vegetables – quite literally anything will do. I’ve used asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, ‘shrooms, tomatoes… this is a great dish to clean out your fridge
Shredded cheese
Dollop o’ Greek yogurt. If sour cream’s yo’ thing, go for that, but Greek yogurt adds a healthier spin
Dollop o’ hummus. We love the Chipotle ish from Trader Joe’s, but again, anything will do
One fried eggs – make sure the yolk’s runny. It mixes handsomely with the beans to provide a symphony of flavor and texture

Mix ’em all up in a bowl. Eat ’em. Eat ’em real good.

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