Blueberry Collins

I didn’t taste alcohol prior to my 21st birthday. I was afraid of it and holding on to legalistic ideals, but nonetheless, that July 31st evening I sauntered apprehensively into a downtown Raleigh bar, unsure what to order. Someone handed me a white Russian. Someone handed me a Smirnoff Ice. Some else bought me something else that’s still hazy to me. While everyone at the table was roaring with raucous laughter, I had become very, very quiet. Slowly I looked at my friend seated beside me and said, “I feel SO floppy.”

For the remainder of college, and yes, even today, “floppy” is the term of choice for that post-two drinks feeling. And while I no longer get too floppy, there’s nothing like a chef-inspired cocktail on a summer vacation to quench and usher in that relaxed floppiness of old. Because, you see, the thing about food is that from time to time it’s even better when it’s drinkable. Especially in these warm tropical temperatures. So when DTH-GG clinked a round of these onto coasters for the entire family to sip on last year’s trip to Sullivan’s Island, I knew he was on to something.
Blueberry Collins:
1 oz. simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar boiled into syrup)
2 T blueberry puree (blend blueberries then strain to eliminate skins)
2 oz. gin
2 oz. club soda
Toss in 2 mint leaves and a couple of whole blueberries for garnish. Option: you may sub lime in for mint for a more subtle citrus taste.

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