Strawberry Rhubarb Pie in a Glass

I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things. I mean, the mail… how does it happen? Grown up bunk beds suspended from the ceiling? Socks – they don’t really have to match (a more developed post later), right? When I start going off on my ponderings and voice them excitedly to my little man friend (well, not so little, as it were… teeheehee) chattering on and on, he’ll quietly say, “Oww…” as I keep talking, the complaints grow fiercer, “Owwww… OWW! OWWWW!” When I finally pause long enough to ask him the matter, he simply replies, “You’re giving me a headache.” It’s just our dynamic… the more ideas I have, the more headaches he battles. Forever is a long time, Davey.

Today after a long week, a broken down kitchen and a busy weekend ahead, we both had the headache. I also had a lot of ideas. Bad combo. Typically. But after a quick brainstorm after a mediocre dinner at a local restaurant, we knew just what the end of our evening entailed… the ubiquitous food blog favorite – rhubarb. But not just rhubarb… rhubarb pie. With strawberries. DTH’s favorite. Made even better in liquid form with gin and vodka. Because what’s more refreshing than dessert? Boozy dessert.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie in a Glass
Note from DTH: So I was very determined to call this drink strawberry berry rhubarb pie! My mom was a pastry chef growing up. I grew up with good food and baked goodies all the time! That’s where my passion grew for food. My favorite thing my mom would make in the spring was, yup, you guessed it, strawberry rhubarb pie. The girl and I collaborated on this concoction for a bit, and, naturally, I had all the right answers. (Note from Caroline: OWWWW… now my head is hurting)

For each drink:
Make a simple syrup (bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil) and simmer in some fine diced rhubarb and strawberries
Set the simple syrup with the fruit aside to cool
1/2 jigger of gin
1/2 jigger vodka
1 Tablespoon of the simple syrup
Add in some of the cooked rhubarb and strawberry pieces
Finish with club soda or tonic water over ice cubes with a stick of fresh rhubarb and a butter crisp wafer cookie (your crust, of course!) for garnish

Options: Tonight we used strawberry vodka in addition to the fresh strawberries. We won’t do that again. The strawberry liquor added an artificial flavor that the rest of the drink didn’t carry. Also, next time we’ll muddle some fresh basil in for a refreshing twist. 

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