Black Mustard + Tarragon Deviled Eggs

In college, I wrote my final thesis about boobs. I was a public relations major, and our assignment was to analyze a case study of a major communications failing. I chose silicon breast implants. Naturally. My opening line was “Bosoms. Tatas. Jugs. Racks. Whatever terminology that is most culturally relevant, when they are pumped full of silicon, they’re sacks of bad news.” I got a 100 on the thesis. I just tried to do the same general concept, but with eggs, and I just couldn’t get there. So. There’s that.

A couple weeks ago I stole a Charlotte Magazine from my friendly, neighborhood YMCA branch. Well, “stole,” may be a harsher word than is necessary. See, I have created a library system for my favorite publications at the Y. I’ll trade my good, finished issues for their newer, better issues. Every so often I get a little… um… eager, and just steal – I mean, borrow – all the good ones I see, then I ration them back out over the week as I finish. Anywho, I picked up that issue of Charlotte Magazine namely because there was a giant corndog on the cover, and I like things on sticks. Heh heh heh. I don’t really enjoy hotdogs, but wrap some fried dough around it, and we’re in business.

I got it home and promptly forgot about it until I got around to decluttering last night. With DTH away at Bible study, I took it with me for a soak in the tub, casually flipping through the ‘zine. Then I saw it. Under the best deviled eggs, I saw it. King’s Kitchen’s black mustard tarragon deviled eggs. The creation my husband dreamed up during his stint as chef de cuisine at the establishment. Though he’s since transferred to a sister restaurant in the same company, I was so thrilled to see his dish recognized as one of the best. His vision was to turn deviled eggs from the classic “Southern ladies who lunch” accompaniment to a really gourmet treat. And he did. And it was just mentioned in a magazine.

Being his perma-stalker, I freaked out, jumped out of the tub. Texted him, took a picture, sent it to all the social media, then texted him and told him I was going to do that – but after I already had. Then said, “Hell yeah, you like it,” (which didn’t sound quite as dirty in my head as it might when it’s read here) to every Instagram and Facebook like it received. 
ImageBlack Mustard + Tarragon Deviled Eggs
8 hard boiled eggs, halved with yolks scooped out
2 stalks of tarragon
1 lg shallot
¼ cup champagne vinegar
¾ cup mayonaisse
1 T black mustard

Black Mustard
Note: this will yield much more than you need for the deviled eggs, but is a pungent and wonderful spread to have on hand. And I don’t even like mustard. It’s also a wonderful addition to cheese plates. To prepare, simply add all ingredients to blender or food processor and puree until smooth.
1 cup black mustard seeds
1.5 cups white wine
1.5 cups champagne vinegar
1/4 cup salt
2 T sugar
2 T vegetable or canola oil
1 shallot chopped

For eggs:
Finely dice shallots and tarragon. Add champagne vinegar and black mustard then let stand for three minutes. Add mayo and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well then combine with hard boiled yolks. Spoon or pipe into empty egg white halves. 

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