Indian Samosa Pot Pie + Cutting Rolling Objects

When you’re nearing a month of stovelessness, you rely heavily on your neighboring parents’ goodwill and working kitchen. But then when they lose power for two full days, your dreams of a Friday full of baked goods, pot pies, jam and granola are dashed quickly. Instead, you do have ye olde operable grill, and a mess of vegetables, sausages and imagination to carry you through.

But here’s what you’ll learn about the grill and vegetables and encased meat products (well, the things you don’t already know about such things – the ones you didn’t learn in 7th grade health) – it requires your utmost attention and constant handling (especially the sausage… nudge nudge). So, when you recklessly ignore your husband’s pleas not to use his sharp knifes without supervision, and hurriedly work to cut things that roll (okra, cucumbers, etc), you should not be surprised to lodge said sharp knife about an inch and a half deep into your finger when the cucumber roll sideways. BUT, let us not forget the andouille sausage and zucchini already on the grill. You must attend to them before yourself, allowing blood to run down your arm while flipping your quickly burning meal.

By the by, your meal will come together beautifully, O+ loss not withstanding (because body fluid leakage is a small sacrifice to pay for a summer meal) . A deconstructed sandwich bar courtesy of Mr. Weber, featuring crisped okra and charred cherry tomato salad, spicy grilled baby zucchini, wilted leeks, savory andouille sausage, kumato tomatoes, and fried eggs – fried in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet over the hickory coals. With herbed goat cheese generously coating both sides of burnt (because you forgot how fast bread will “cook” on an intensely hot grill, and you seriously need a BandAid) whole grain, you couldn’t ask for a better Friday afternoon lunch. Unless you add a glass of malbec. Which I did. THEN you couldn’t ask for a better Friday afternoon lunch. You just couldn’t.

Despite the eleventeenjillion grilled seasonal produce options you uncover, your baking itch will still need scratching (so will that awkward spot on your back, but alas…). Thankfully, you’ll have a two hour window on Saturday afternoon to megabake – that is, bake everything you possibly can in two hours because your parents’ power is functional once again. Detail your plan of attack. For me, that meant three things:
1. Jam
2. Granola
3. Indian chicken pot pie

As has been detailed on this slice of internet, jam has become, well, my jam (plus, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly). I spend more time than is necessary thinking of the best possible flavor combinations. I like adding herbs to my fruit, and that’s just what I did today – combining blueberries and peaches with chia seeds and cilantro for a succulent mouth party (mmm, mouth party).

Granola, well, granola is my blank canvas. And I’m a lot like Picasso. I like jumbling a bunch of things together in faith that when I’m dead I will be revered as one of the great oat artists (oatists?) of my generation. Today that meant oats, coconut, mashed banana, maple syrup, pecans, cinnamon, and dried mango chunks.

And the Indian chicken pot pie. Oh, that beautiful pot pie. I spotted a recipe for samosa pie on Foodess a week and a half ago and have been able to think of little else that could satisfy me since then. I knew I would love it, so I doubled the recipe right off the bat. Instead of russet potatoes I used tri-color fingerlings, and I added green peas for an added burst of color.

A couple of notes that have been learned the hard way. Namely, by me. 
1. Do not, do not, do not touch any bodily orifice after dicing jalapenos. I’ve told myself I wouldn’t make that same mistake again. But I’ve told myself that the past 4 times I’ve sliced them and rubbed my eyes. Yet. I did it again today. So either learn it. Or wear gloves. Another tip I’ve coached myself to remember, but haven’t yet recalled in time.
2. The best way to seduce your husband is not to wear your prescription strength thigh high compression hose with your lingerie because you accidentally ripped the fancy ones. Similarly, the best way to seduce him is not to suggestively send him a picture of the spreadsheet you spent an hour creating with a color coded meal planning and grocery list with a key for where to buy each item, and which ones you have coupons for. But, for all you ladies, this shiz works.


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