Buffalo. Bacon. Blue Cheese. Turkey Burgers

When my best friend of 14 years came to visit me this weekend, and subsequently request that I be her matron of honor for her upcoming nuptials (insert many exclamation points here), we spent the better part of our dinner reminiscing about basically every memory that forms what our friendship used to be and has become. One of those, that had us nearly falling of our high stools, was a not-so-distant one, in which we were enjoying some comped well drinks at a work event for her company and slipped to the ladies room, as a pair, of course, since that’s how we roll when we’re out.

As we stood waiting for the single stall to become available, we were approached by another young lady. “Punch me in the face,” she implored me, clearly, directly, and much more sober-sounding than I’m sure she was. “Excusez moi?” I asked, surely thinking I’d misheard her (and I’m sure in perfect French, because I like to be fancy when I’m out, natch). “Punch me in the face. I’m serious. Just punch me in the face. I need someone to.” I politely declined, despite her nearly convincing insistence, and, to be fair, there was a part of me that really did desire to haul off and lay one cocktail ring laden fist across her poorly blended foundation caked cheek just to shut her up (just kidding, she was cute. Just kidding, not that cute), but I also work for a church and didn’t think that commencing a fight in the restroom of an Uptown bar was quite the golden ticket to career advancement.

But I think about that often. How sometimes getting punched in the face is exactly what we need. Just one swift pop to remind us that we’re alive, breathing and feeling. I like my food to be like that too. A fist full of flavor and heat and goodness. And that’s what these burgers are – exactly like that bar bathroom could-be brawl, but without all of the obvious weirdness. And with a very punctuated title.
Buffalo, Bacon, Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers
1 lb. ground chicken
1 container blue cheese crumbles
1/3 pack bacon, diced
2/3 cup Frank’s Original hot sauce, divided
1 envelope Ranch seasoning
3 stalks celery, diced
1/2 cup blue cheese dressing

In a large bowl, combine ground chicken, 1/2 container of blue cheese crumbles, diced bacon (these not only add a great layer of flavor, but give this lean meat a little fat, which helps as it cooks), 1/3 cup Frank’s hot sauce, Ranch seasoning and diced celery. Mix well and form into 3-4 patties depending on preferred size. 

While burgers cook (grill or stove top), combine remaining blue cheese crumbles, Frank’s and 1/2 cup blue cheese dressing. Stir and set aside. Once burgers are cooked and have rested a few minutes, top with additional celery stick and generous spoon of buffalo blue cheese sauce.

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