31 Days of Meal Planning: November

Today I’m dressed in my favorite yoga ensemble wearing a headband adorned with two bear ears and carrying my yoga mat in a picnic basket. I’m straight up Yogi Bear… ya heard? I really abhor Halloween and the pressure to procure an easy and clever costume without needing to spend a jillion dollars. So. That’s what it is. But Halloween means that tomorrow is November, which allows me the chance to whip out a new menu month. I also got a library card over the weekend, so I thought about being Dewey Decimal and flaunting that everywhere, but, you know, I didn’t want to lose it. Or get beaten up.
Friday, November 1 – Flounder Piccata. My mom gave this recipe a whirl this week and has been singing its praises ever since. She passed along the recipe, and I can’t wait to try it myself.
Saturday, November 2
3-envelope roast. This is one of the easiest dishes to ever be invented, and it works beautifully with pork or beef. Sandwiches, over rice, as a stand alone… delicious. As a note, I don’t ever use the picante in here. I just always forget about it, and it’s still scrumptious.
Sunday, November 3
– SUPPER CLUB! I created a list of 101 things I’d like to complete in 1001 days, and starting a monthly supper club was right at the top of the list. I’m formulating the menu now, but it will include baked brie en croute topped with homemade jam, this mind blowing pumpkin soup that Davey invented that will be blogged soon, a Brussels sprouts and couscous salad, butternut squash-goat cheese grits that I dreamed up but haven’t tried yet, and s’mores. So that didn’t all fit in my calendar square, but… ta da!
Monday, November 4 –
Grilled pizza. Because… grilled. pizza.
Tuesday, November 5 –
Doro Wat. I’m pretty obsessed with sampling fare from around the globe, and though I have no concept of the flavor profiles of Ethiopian cuisine, I’ve been dreaming about this for weeks.
Wednesday, November 6 –
I like utilizing crockpot recipes a few times a month because they’re always high-yield dishes, meaning I end up freezing half to pull out on busy (and/or lazy) weeks. I froze half of the fiesta chicken from a couple months ago, and it’s a favorite of ours, so I’ll be pulling that out for a meal that doesn’t require any prep other than reheating.
Thursday, November 7 –
Chickpea, coconut and cashew curry. Give. Me. Curry.
Friday, November 8
– I already know this meal needs to be light and easy. I’ll be spending the evening packing up all of our gameday finery and prepping for a very late night roadtrip to Knoxville after DTH closes down the restaurant. I’ve already mentally gotten very excited to chow down on some wilted (in the very best sense) kale salad while I pack between naps.
Saturday, November 9 –
The morning will include tailgate food, the afternoon – treats from inside Neyland Stadium, and hopefully dinner will land us squarely here… a lifelong Knoxville favorite, though I doubt I’ll order a Shirley temple as I did regularly in the years of yore.
Sunday, November 10 –
I’m already craving a burger from this Knoxville staple, and I’m pretty positive I’ll leave just enough room for an outbound stop here before we hit I-40.
Monday, November 11 –
After a weekend of imbibing in both food and drink, Savory Pumpkin Quinoa will be a tasty and easy, inexpensive way to cleanse. I loved this last fall and forgot about it until I was pursuing some old files to come up with this month’s plan.
Tuesday, November 12 –
Buffalo turkey meatballs. A perennial crowd favorite. Though, it will just be a crowd of 1, but hey…
Wednesday, November 13 –
I’ve never had pho, but the way people rave about it, I figure I’ll put my faith in my crockpot and the opinions of others (that’s what makes the world go round, right?) and dump in the ‘gredients and see how we fare.
Thursday, November 14 –
Greek turkey burgers.
Friday, November 15 –
Brie and brisket tacos.
Saturday, November 16 –
Looking at the week leading up to this weekend, I’m going to go ahead and deem this a day of eating my way through the fridge while watching football all day long. No complaints from me.
Sunday, November 17 –
We’re fish loving fools at our house, so I’m planning on a dish inspired by this one, which we loved.
Monday, November 18 –
Samosa Pie. Probably my favorite go-to. I always double the recipe, so I can freeze half of the filling and bake another later.
Tuesday, November 19 –
Brussels sprout salad with andouille sausage.
Wednesday, November 20 –
I love anything and everything that Jenna posts. If you like something that I’ve made, your chances are great that it’s Jenna’s. This simple casserole is no exception.
Thursday, November 21-
Bruschetta chicken.
Friday, November 22 –
Quinoa pizza bake. The recipe shows these as snack bites, but I might make it into more of a loaf form and enjoy it in bulk that way.
Saturday, November 23 –
Some sort of farro risotto. I usually just throw in whatever I have on hand (which always, always includes goat cheese), but I like the ingredients in this one.
Sunday, November 24 –
Date night with the boyfriend I married.
Monday, November 25 –
Sussex beef.
Tuesday, November 26 –
White chicken and artichoke lasagna.
Wednesday, November 27 –
I’ll be prepping some Thanksgiving dishes, so I’ll snack on whatever I’m fixin’ or some of my very favorite granola balls.
Thursday, November 28 –
Thanks to the giving. All day long.
Friday, November 30 –
Left. Ovaries. All day long.
Saturday, November 31
Chicken tikka masala.

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