31 Days of Meal Planning: December

Remember how I planned 31 days of meals for November? After I published the post, immensely pleased with myself for my initiative, I realized that November actually only has 30 days, so technically I planned through December 1, or planned a bonus meal to gift a friend. You are very welcome.

The thing about December is that it’s a last chance to end the year on a high note. We kicked it off over here in a grand way when I spoke harshly and hurtfully to DTH out of frustration, inflicting wounds that are far worse and run far deeper than a stubbed toe. Continuing that goodness we’re also down to one car, and the heat in our home has been broken since the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, December is looking might fine, isn’t she?

But, the great news about December… about marriage… about food… is that it’s full of boundless grace. It’s forgiving. It’s beautiful. It’s safe. It’s abundantly saturated with celebration even in the face of stress and strain. It’s fulfilling, and it’s good.
Farro Saute

Sunday, December 1Crockpot pad thai (currently cooking on the counter at the moment – I updated the recipe by using 2 jalapenos instead of onions because I didn’t have any onions, and I prefer a kick of heat)
Monday, December 2Avocado macaroni and cheese (mac + cheese is one of my top 3 least favorite foods, right alongside butterscotch and apple juice, but throw in some spice and avocado, and I’m almost convinced it’s delicious)
Tuesday, December 3 – Seasonal farro saute (I created this based on one of my favorite restaurant’s start dishes. I’ll be posting this recipe this week, pictured above)
Wednesday, December 4 – Grilled lamb + roasted asparagus
Thursday, December 5Quinoa + broccoli cheese casserole
Friday, December 6 – Keeping on the quinoa train, black bean + quinoa soup.
Saturday, December 7Honey-sriracha glazed chicken
Sunday, December 8 – We’re hosting our 2nd supper club, and I couldn’t be more excited about the theme – Breakfast for Dinner. We’ll be serving eggs benedict, cheddar + rosemary waffles and a sweet waffle alongside some breakfast-y proteins. And syrup. Mmmm.
Monday, December 9 – Beans, beans, the musical fruit, makin’ this cassoulet is worth a hoot.
Tuesday, December 10Crabocados… The most delicious fast meal that a kitchen can whip up.
Wednesday, December 11 – Hoping against hope that I’ll be able to twist Davey’s arm enough to  turn the pumpkins that have been adorning our porch for the past month into this silky, decadent soup.
Thursday, December 12 – I wish I could quit this spicy sausage pasta, but Lord knows it’s worked its way deeply into my heart.
Friday, December 13 kale and quinoa patties. Mmmmm, patties. I’m planning on top these babies with a fried egg, drizzle of sriracha and either savory sauteed mushrooms or some cool avocado.
Saturday, December 14 Brussels sprout caesar because the kale caesar isn’t the only vegetable starlet in these parts.
Sunday, December 15 – Grilled pimento cheese sandwiches on Great Harvest Dakota bread. Does anything sound more luscious than that? No. I didn’t think so.
Monday, December 16Chicken tikka masala.
Tuesday, December 17 Butternut squash risotto with rosemary and blue cheese.
Wednesday, December 18 Beef carnitas tacos (because it isn’t a meal plan without a Jenna recipe).
Thursday, December 19 Black bean bowls. A real kitchen sink-style meal – whatever is in the fridge, add beans and an egg. Done.
Friday, December 20 Basil chicken with coconut curry sauce.
Saturday, December 21 Jerk chicken stuffed sweet potatoes
Sunday, December 22 – Pre-Christmas date night! We’ve been itching to give Baku a try, so maybe this is our chance.
Monday, December 23Lemon-cilantro avocado pasta.
Tuesday, December 24 – I haven’t had an actual Christmas Eve in at least 4 years, since I’m always working until well into the night, so I don’t even remember what one does on the special night, but I’m sure it will involve a meal with my family, and truly, nothing beats that.
Wednesday, December 25 – Last year we hosted our first family Christmas dinner – our first married Christmas and our first holiday as homeowners. We’ll continue the tradition this year, which will probably feature another crowned rib roast – a real beauty that DTH cooks to perfection.
Thursday, December 26Cheddar jalapeno turkey burgers
Friday, December 27Buffalo chicken cupcakes
Saturday, December 28Chipotle chicken quesadillas
Sunday, December 29 – Jet’s 10 with deep dish turbo crust with extra anchovies, please and thank you.
Monday, December 30Crunchy cashew Thai quinoa salad adapted to not include onions.
Tuesday, December 31 – Champagne. Oh, is that not a meal?

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