31 Days of Meal Planning: January

My New Year’s Eve included third wheelin’ it to dinner with my parents, baking snickerdoodle blondies for the restaurant crew and then delivering them in exchange for a margarita and watching Davey the Hubbers cook for other people until the ball dropped, and I was rewarded with a smoocheroo. We went straight to bed and enjoyed a New Year’s Day filled with yoga, hanging new blinds, bowling and playing the game of Things. All in all, I’m really pleased to see what 2014 is serving up so far.

And speaking of serving up (heeey, how’d ya like that segue??), here’s what’ll be happening in our kitchen this month (minus yesterday, which I missed):
TroutSpecialWednesday, January 1 – Our dinner consisted of a delicious bean and lentil soup my mom followed by many handfuls of dark chocolate pomegranates.
Thursday, January 2 – We decided to go on an actual nice date tonight to one of our local favorites, Customshop, but were we not, we’d be eating beef and mango quesadillas. We love them, and they’re so incredibly simple and easy.
Friday, January 3 – Brussels sprouts lasagna. I cannot wait to try this mama.
Saturday, January 4 Weekends just beg for crockpot goodness. I have an irrational fear that the crockpot will burn my house down, so typically I turn it on before I go to bed (arguably, that way if there’s a fire I will know immediately and be able to handle things… you know, with all of my fire safety training) then dole out some lunch on my way out the door. But on weekends I start it in the morning, piddle around the house and am rewarded a few hours later. This will be the first to cook in the new year. Coconut Ginger Chicken and Vegetables.
Sunday, January 5 Stuffed peppers are great because they reheat well, and the stuffing possibilities are seemingly endless. These sausage, goat cheese and arugula peppers are so tantalizing.
Monday, January 6 Seasonal farro saute. I’m obsessed with this stuff.
Tuesday, January 7 Roasted pepper and cauliflower soup with goat cheese.
Wednesday, January 8 Mediterranean shrimp tortellini. As a confession, there are many months that I don’t follow this plan that accurately. I’ll have more leftovers than planned, or I’ll skip the meal and just roast a shiz ton of broccoli for dinner instead. This was planned a few months ago, and I never made it. Giving it another try this month.
Thursday, January 9 Buffalo chicken quinoa salad.
Friday, January 10 This chickpea, coconut and cashew curry makes the best leftovers. The last time I made it I had lunch for a week, and by the end of the week, I wasn’t sick of it. That’s impressive. Bonus: it’s highly economical.
Saturday, January 11 Give me that frittata, yo.
Sunday, January 12 Southwestern stuffed spaghetti squash.
Monday, January 13 Greek turkey burgers.
Tuesday, January 14 Leftover night! I have to do a fridge purge every couple of weeks, and I get real creative with what’s left.
Wednesday, January 15 Shaved Brussels sprout salad with andouille sausage.
Thursday, January 16 Channa masala.
Friday, January 17 Roasted mushroom and green bean farro salad.
Saturday, January 18 Slow cooker adobo pork with rice.
Sunday, January 19 Calling it a pizza night. With anchovies. Oh man, the anchovies.
Monday, January 20 Quinoa pizza bites, which I pinned forever ago, always consider making then always pass on.
Tuesday, January 21 White bean cassoulet. A monthly household must-have. This meal costs just pennies per serving. Pennies, y’all (note, I just typo’d pennies and left out an “e.” I promise it isn’t penis per serving).
Wednesday, January 22 The cassoulet makes a lot, and given how much I love it, I’ll just go ahead and work in two nights for it.
Thursday, January 23 Paula Deen’s beef stroganoff. Simple and hearty.
Friday, January 24 Spicy barbecue shrimp.
Saturday, January 25 Ranch crockpot pork chops with roasted potatoes.
Sunday, January 26 Cheddar jalapeno turkey burgers.
Monday, January 27 Scheduling in a date night somewhere around here dependent on D’s work sched.
Tuesday, January 28 Fish + Mussels. Mmmm.
Wednesday, January 29Fiesta chicken.
Thursday, January 30 Spicy avocado chicken enchiladas.
Friday, January 31 Crockpot sussex beef.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Meal Planning: January

  1. Caroline! I love your blog. My sister (Andi) has been reading it and passed it along to me. Your recipes look great and I love that you post your meal plans. I used your shaved brussels sprouts and andouille sausage recipe this week and it was delicious. Hope you are doing well!


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