Prosciutto, Egg + Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

There are few things that kick my gag reflex into gear like the thought of a fast food breakfast. Those and butterscotch – specifically, haystacks (have you ever eaten one of those? Pretzels and chocolate and some junk coated in liquid butterscotch. Can’t even.) Consequently, this physical disgust at both culinary nightmares stem from the same memory. Flashback to Orlando, FL, 1997ish. On the last day of a vacation to visit my aunt, uncle and freshly born triplet cousins, my dad treated my brother and me to a fast food breakfast – Hardee’s, of course. A treat we’d never, or rarely, been exposed to. After delighting myself in the greasy start to the day, I chased it all with a butterscotch haystack or two, handmade by my aunt. Pleased with this duo of treats (and a breakfast that included dessert!), I was feeling good as we gathered in the Ford Windstar and began our sojourn back to Charlotte. Fast forward a mere two hours later, and what is now covering the backseat of the van? Only that Hardee’s breakfast and the remnants of a semi-digested haystack. And, thusly, never again have either passed through my lips.

But, in the mornings, I’ve had a hankering for breakfast sandwiches of late (step aside brownie batter protein overnight oats. I promise I’ll come back for you). Out of the question are the quintessential bacon, egg and cheese triple threats advertised for a meager $0.99 at your quick service franchise of choice. Even typing that starts my stomach roiling. So I adapted, I overcame, and I fancified. Naturally. Enter Prosciutto. Egg. Chipotle Gouda. Fancy, bakery-fresh, husband-baked Ciabatta. Enter Heaven.
Breakfast SandwichProsciutto, Egg + Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches
2 thin slices ciabatta or hearty bread of choice
2 slices prosciutto
1 egg, over easy (or over hard if you are also in the family way)
Chipotle gouda cheese, or justifiably fancy cheese of choice
Duke’s mayonnaise or mayo of choice

Spread mayonnaise thinly across each slice of bread. On one slice, arrange cheese, so that it fully covers bread. Top with prosciutto. Place cooked egg on top of prosciutto. Sandwich with secondary slice of bread. Spread butter on top of sandwich. Place butter-side down in heated cast iron skillet. Spread butter across exposed side of sandwich. Allow to cook 3-4 minutes until underside of sandwich is golden brown. Flip and cook additional 3-4 minutes until cheese has melted and bread is golden brown. Serve immediately.

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