Saying Hello to Our Baby Girl

Spoiler alert: We’re having a DAUGHTER!
Secondary spoiler alert: I’m super into all caps this week, because I’m SO excited.

On Monday morning, Davey and I arrived at our OB’s office for our anatomy scan. We had decided that we would find out the “he” or “she”-ness of our sweet one before we revealed it to our family and friends. I wanted us to share those precious moments together, and we had come up with a super fun, interactive way to unveil the news that required us to know first (oh, darn!).

When we walked into the ultrasound room our technician asked if we were finding out. We had actually settled on having it written down and sealed in an envelope that we would then open together over breakfast, but being impatient, nervous, excited and READY, I quickly said, “YES!” I went in convinced we were having a boy, while Davey was equally convinced that it was a girl. Our awesome tech immediately determined that this little biscuit is a “she,” and we proceeded with our ultrasound, getting used to saying, “Look at HER feet! Look how tiny SHE is!” We left excited and overwhelmed, and the best way we knew to deal with all those feelings was to head straight to Owen’s Bagel for steamed bagel sandwiches. We would look over at each other every now and then and just shake our heads, or say, “A GIRL!” We discussed names briefly, and discussed logistics of the next night’s soiree to introduce our closest group to our daughter. DAUGHTER!

We had decided almost two months prior to our anatomy scan that we’d create art for the baby’s nursery using paint-filled balloons as our means of announcement. We’d already purchased our canvas (30″ x 40″) and balloons that were opaque enough that they wouldn’t immediately reveal the paint color inside once they were full.
CanvasMonday evening, after work, we trekked to Lowe’s and picked out three shades of pink… David was clearly born to be the father of a daughter, as he immediately found the perfect swatch, all the while shaking his head and laughing that his life will forever have a slightly pink hue to it. We also decided to choose a couple of accent colors for the canvas and settled on a soft mint green and a nearly charcoal gray.
Kiss CanvasTuesday afternoon we filled balloons – a process, thanks to David, that was much smoother and less messy than I’d originally imagined. We filled water bottles topped with spouts with the paint, attached balloons to the spout and squeezed paint inside. Davey filled and tied each balloon, and I gave them each a bath to remove any paint that had dripped on to the outside of the balloon. We used a folding table standing on end and a wreath hook as our easel, and took the whole lot to my parents’ house and waited on pins and needles for our guests to arrive (a moment later, and I absolutely would have spilled the beans to everyone. Especially my mom. I really don’t know how I kept it a secret from her for 36 hours).

Rain threatened to ruin the entire project, but we didn’t mind a little bit of mist and 2000% humidity as we gathered our group outside, explained the concept, and watched my mom run to the front of the pack, choose a balloon, throw… and miss the canvas. She choose a second balloon that somehow managed to fall on the driveway revealing the lightest, softest shade of pink in a pool on the ground. IT WAS A GIRL!!! The rest of our loved ones took turns tossing the balloons at the canvas (that we’d adorned with about 80 tacks pushed through the back to aid the balloon breakage) and after several attempts (on the whole, our group’s aim and accuracy was fair, at best), all of the balloons had hit their target creating a beautiful paint splattered work of art to adorn little biscuit girl’s walls. Guests also signed the back, so she’ll always know the ones who helped us celebrate her arrival.
Us CanvasAfter the balloons popped (mostly – there were two that just wouldn’t break… sorry those were the two you tried, Daddy!), the driveway was hosed off, and our hair had frizzed sufficiently, everyone moved back inside for drinks, food, beautiful pink and blue vanilla-berry macarons made by my talented friend Lindsay, and more drinks.MacaronsBaby GIRL! We love you. We can’t wait to meet you. Hurry home.

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