Pomegranate, Corn + Zucchini Farro Salad

“Hi baby. I’m your dad. Please don’t grow up to be bitchy or slutty. And no twerking allowed.” – the parental wisdom and law that Davey the Hubbers is already laying down for our little girl is absolutely delightful and always cracks me up as he bends down, gently holds my belly and puts his face really close to it to talk to her.

Now obviously when she’s here, we won’t use that language around her, but it’s never too early to start instilling valuable lessons.

Lessons like, on a Friday night when growing a baby is just too exhausting, and your husband has spent 13 days working at 3:00 a.m. with another yet to go, and cooking sounds like a nightmare, but you don’t want to use your eating out budget for a dazed stupor of a date night, make some farro, grill some seasonal vegetables, top with something fancy, and just add goat cheese. Hear me tell you, sweet one, while I second your daddy’s advice to you, my go-to mantra will always be: Just. Add. Goat. Cheese. Then go to bed before 9:00. It’s really working for us right now.
Farro SaladPomegranate, Corn + Zucchini Farro Salad
4 ears of corn, grilled (we prefer to grill ours in the husk)
4 zucchini or squash, halved, and grilled
1 bag Trader Joe’s 10-minute farro
Goat cheese, crumbled.
1/2 package of pomegranate seeds, optional
Olive oil (I used harissa-flavored for a kick)
Champagne vinegar (I used Trader Joe’s orange muscat version for sweetness)

Throw your ears of corn, husk on, on the grill and grill until husks start to char and kernels become golden. Slice zucchini or squash in half lengthwise and add to grill, flesh side down (I did not toss mine in any oil beforehand, though, you could). Once flesh has dark grill marks, flip and allow skin to develop grill marks and begin to soften. Remove from grill. Follow cooking instructions for bag of farro. Dice zucchini and add to large bowl. Cut kernels off of ears of corn and add to the same bowl. Add in pomegranate seeds and farro. Season with salt and pepper. In a small bowl whisk together equal parts olive oil and champagne vinegar (a little less than 1/4 of a cup each). Pour over grains and vegetables. Stir to coat. Top with desired amount of goat cheese. Allow to melt slightly, stir and serve warm.

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