On Our Plates

Whirl. Wind. That’s how to describe the past week. Changes professionally have me scared and excited and very eager to see what the next few weeks hold. I was amazed to see the response to this post about my initial thoughts on motherhood. Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared with me your own thoughts. I never really understood the truth in the all-too-tritely said, “It takes a village,” until little Nora Beth entered our worlds. From our parents to our friends to the people that God perfectly placed in our lives to help us raise this nugget (Alison! Thank you!), I feel like Nora Beth is the mayor (governor. president. queen.) of a village that is full of the greatest constituents on the planet.
greek-chicken-saladHere’s a look at what we’ve been eating lately.
Week of March 8th:
Crockpot Butter Chicken – this is actually back on the menu for this week since I didn’t get around to making it the week it was originally scheduled. I’m looking forward to adding a new Indian dish to our arsenal, though!
Greek Chicken – this meal has been super versatile, and I’ve enjoyed the chicken topped on a salad (as pictured in the original post) and also on a flax and whole wheat pita. It’s a super high yield recipe, so you’ll have Greek chicken for days. To avoid learning about how we conceived our child, just skip on down to the bottom of the post for the recipe.
Sussex Beef – an easy and humble little meal, sussex beef never (and I do mean never) disappoints. Don’t skip the goat cheese topping (which is really just a life motto).
Ratatouille with Chicken Sausage and Polenta – I loved this meal. Fair warning: It makes the most ratatouille you have ever seen in your entire life. In fact, today I’m going to blend some of the leftovers into a veggie puree soup (bisque, because we’re fancy around here), and I added more of the leftovers into the soup that I made last night. That was a good decision.

Week of March 15th:
Seared Salmon Salad – I just seasoned some salmon with salt and pepper, seared it in a cast iron and seared it over a salad of greens, dried fruit, nuts, and goat cheese, and I whipped up a Green Goddess dressing. Simple, nourishing and ready in 20 minutes.
Sausage + Tortellini Soup – I really love this soup and jazzed it up further with the aforementioned ratatouille leftovers.
Chicken + Avocado Enchiladas – Despite the longer-than-preferred hands on time, these aren’t hard, and the end result is tasty to the max.

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