Toe-tally Great Week + On Our Plates

What had happened was…

My dad fondly (or at least I will continue to perceive it as fondly) refers to me as “my son, Caroline,” not in a Bruce Jenner type of way (or at least I will continue to perceive it as such) thanks to my incredible brute strength and burly, ruddy, handsome features. As such, I am typically just a phone call away (thanks to my amazingly people pleasing nature, of course) to help move furniture or heft other inanimate objects. Last Thursday the project was moving an old grill off the porch.

Both my father and I seemed to forget that my precious baby falafel has been sucking dry all of my brute strength during her eating sessions as we went to tackle our grilling foe. I was also out of practice since I was decidedly not a son whilst pregnant (except for that whole Pregnant Man business a few years back… ‘member him?). As we were in the midst of our heaving and hauling we did not practice good communication, and in a sequence as fast as a firing synapse, the grill landed squarely on my already-Hobbit-like big toe. I neither cried nor cursed (praise item! I am so holy!) since the trauma immediately numbed my toe, but I knew I was in trouble. I texted my sister, “If I get blood poisoning, Dad better buy me so many presents.”

Fast forward 86 hours, significant bruising, a sure-to-be-lost nail, swelling, pressure and a very modelesque limp, and Davey the Hubbers urged me to get it checked out. Looks like my prophesy of blood poisoning (and subsequent gift showering… huzzah!) may be all too accurate. I hauled my chickadee with me to the Minute Clinic where the nurse practitioner took one look at my distorted foot phelange and ordered me straight to doctor. She used words like “systemic infection,” and “much too bad for me to diagnose.” On my way out I limped to the cooler for a Diet Dr. Pepper (the elixir of life), and off we went. The doctor we saw did indeed diagnose it as a systemic infection (that sounds so Ebola-chic!), prescribed antibiotics and that was it. A very anticlimactic end to a much built up story. But that’s about as eventful as life has been lately. And I’m still waiting on that barrage of presents. Dad.

Except for what we’ve been eating this week! I’ve spent the past few weeks using a majority of new recipes with mixed results, so this week I fell back on some tried and true friends.
IMG_2122Week of April 27th:
Spicy Chicken Baked Tacos – Yum. Reheat these in the oven vs. the microwave to maximize the crispiness. Also, there are regularly coupons floating around for Old El Paso taco shells, and the crunchy Stand ‘N’ Stuff version is great for these.
Crispy Pork Ramen – Per the husband’s request. Literally any week I ask him what he’d like to see on the menu he says, “Ramen.” “Fiesta Chicken.” Easy to please, that one.
Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Bake – Davey is not a fan of quinoa as a general rule, but he mentioned several times how much he enjoyed this dish (pictured above). Plus it is hella-healthy and hella-inexpensive. To me, triple win!
Cuban Sliders – I love this recipe because it gives me more than one meal – the pork is delicious on its own with rice and vegetables, and the sliders fed us for lunch and dinner and another lunch.

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