On Our Plates + A Snore

I wouldn’t call it a problem… I’d call it a bedroom… epidemic. The snoring. Davey is a noisily enthusiastic sleeper. As soon as his head hits the pillow, the nasal symphony begins. As the sweet wife I masquerade as, I begin my negotiations gently. “Baby,” I coo. “Wjskdmay,” is his reply. “Will you please stop snoring?” No acquiesence. “Babe,” a bit more furtively. “Can you stop?” Nothing. “Davey,” my desperation heightening. “Just roll over, hon.” (and we all know that “hon” is the ultimate I-don’t-feel-like-calling-you-anything-sweet-so-this-is-what-I’m-resorting-to pet name). Finally, finally, I’ve learned the trick. Just a couple of armpit hairs. Just a couple of quick tugs. Snoring ceases. And he never know what hit… err, pulled… him.

The other night I was reading and listening to the crickets inside of his nose sing. He actually responded to my vocal protests. “It’s Knox,” he pled earnestly, blaming the dog curled up at our feet. “It’s Knox! I was hearing him too.” Uh huh. As we lay there, the snoring began again. “See! I told you! It was Knox.” We allowed ourselves to blame the poor Weimeraner and fell asleep. The next morning after rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Davey looked at me and said, “Did I really blame Knox for the snoring last night? Because it was totally me.” He had me so fooled. Poor little scapedog.

Here’s what we’ve been eating this week and a gratuitous snapshot of our little meatloaf before church this morning. Hashtag no filter. Hashtag I woke up like this.
Bean Girl
Week of May 10th:

Chicken + Smoked Sausage Jambalaya – I had a cooked chicken breast leftover from smoked paprika wraps last week, so I seared some smoked sausage, sauteed some frozen bell peppers and onions (Trader Joe’s for the win), cooked some Zatarain’s jambalaya mix, add in the chicken, toss it together, and in the words of Emeril, “BAM!” we had ourselves a winner.
Chicken Pad Thai – When I was pregnant with Nora Beth, I was a fiend for pad Thai. I mean, in all non-natal situations I am too, but particularly during those 9 months. I hadn’t found a recipe online that didn’t call for 80,000 ingredients and just as many steps, until Jen posted her version. It was easy, simple, and we loved it. We’ll be adding this to our arsenal.
Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken – We never eat dishes like this, so it was nice to add in something entirely new to us. I’m never really a fan of fake fried chicken, but we both enjoyed this. I served it alongside some plain roasted zucchini spears and also tossed a few of the spears in the breading, which was fun. I don’t know how often I’ll make this since it just isn’t our meal MO, but I was glad to switch things up.
Rice and Bean Casserole – I added some seared smoked sausage to this to give it a little bit of staying power and topped it with some cheese and hot sauce of choice (Valentina for him, Cholula for moi). I served leftovers this morning with an egg on top. Huevos rancheros? Not really, but that sounds fancy.

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