Five on Friday: Cotton Candy Grapes and Hideous Baby Dolls

I had a whole slew of posts to, you know, post, between Friday and today. But it’s Friday again, and nary a post did make its way on to the blog. Regardless of that fail, I’m jumping in with Five on Friday again this week!
5 on FridayONE!
At Target this week, a small, sweet old lady stopped us to tell us how cute Nora Beth was. We’re pretty used to that, so we smiled and thanked her. But then she continued. She casually told us how much Nora Beth reminded her of her baby. You know, that baby that was currently strapped into the carseat in her car keeping her company while driving. The baby that is a doll. An actual creepily lifelike doll. So now Nora Beth is never ever allowed out of my sight. Literally ever.
FullSizeRender-14  TWO!
This week I accidentally spent $20 on grapes. If I’m going to spend that much on a grape, I’d like it to be fermented and juiced inside a bottle, but I fell for Cotton Candy grapes’ marketing gimmicks. I’d read the buzz on social media, saw them at Publix, sneaked a taste, and totally fell for them and their genuine cotton candy flavor. I grabbed two bags without checking the price. $20. Twenty. Dollars. For grapes. That only taste like cotton candy upon first bite. What an idiot.
Do you read Charlotte Agenda? It’s a daily read to kick off every morning for me. I am absolutely not an impulse shopper when it comes to clothes, but after reading the Agenda’s feature on Elsa Fine, I hopped over to their website and fell hard for this mixed print dress… for $15. Less than 2 bags of grapes. I immediately purchased it, and it’s my favorite closet piece. I work from home but meet my clients throughout the week, so this frock is the perfect thing to throw on to make me feel presentable and pulled together but still comfortable.FullSizeRender-13FOUR!
This year has been like a real life Chutes & Ladders. I’ve been so thankful for the lifegiving words of Scripture that are so abundant in my life.
I’m a religious meal planner and love trying new recipes that are budget and palate-pleasing. I recently made this Jamie Oliver dish of chicken thighs and followed the tweaks, adding potatoes and white beans. It was fine. A solid meal, but not our favorite, so I knew we’d hold on to the leftovers and push them further and further into the fridge to die a moldy death. I have a newfound hatred of tossing food, so I pulled the chicken off the bone, and threw the meat and everything else into a Le Creuset dutch oven, added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, an additional can of white beans, thyme, dried basil and chicken stock. I let it all simmer for 45 minutes or so and was rewarded with a rich and flavorful soup. Charlotte is pretending it’s pre-autumn around here, so the soup served with some rice was a delicious lunch after a busy morning of client meetings.

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Cotton Candy Grapes and Hideous Baby Dolls

  1. Wow, that’s so creepy. I watched a documentary once about baby Reborn dolls. A lot of the people in the documentary were pretending like the dolls were real babies. So disturbing.

    I’m not very good about meal planning (read: I’m terrible at it and end up eating cereal, junk food and lunch meat because of lack of planning) but one of my Fall projects is to start meal planning!


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