Five on Friday: A Little Sweetness

This week has been so full of ups and downs. On Thursday we officially lost our pregnancy after a D&E, which I had spent 24 days being vehemently opposed to, but ended up being necessary and a very positive experience (all things considered). I’m debating writing more about my experience in order to help someone else making the difficult decisions we faced and to provide assurance. I spent the week Googling all sorts of scenarios and struggled to find more than very basic outlines of the procedure. If it would be helpful to even one woman, I would love to write more about it.

Also, this weekend is Halloween. I hate Halloween. Like really, really hate it. I don’t even have a costume planned for Nora Beth yet. I would not even worry about it, but in 20 years she might want to see what she wore on her first Halloween, and um, pajamas may not cut it.

Here are five other things from the week. Thank you for hosting, April and Christina!
5 on Friday
ONE. Baby Bento Box
Our incredible friend Ann, who has a precious eight-month old daughter, Frances, graciously kept Nora Beth yesterday for an all-day playdate while my mom took me for surgery (David just started a new job, otherwise he would have been right by my side). Ann’s a pro and fully equipped with all things baby, but I wanted to back Nora Beth plenty of lunch options. My girl is hungry, y’all.

I sent this quantity in her lunchbox thinking she may not eat all of it, but sure enough, the containers came back empty. Inside: roasted butternut squash, steamed sugar snap peas, lentils, rice with cilanto and black beans, brown sugar bourbon slow cooked pork, cottage cheese with blueberries, and an emergency stash of Cheerio’s.
TWO. Baby Girlfriends

Is there anything sweeter than two round girls loving each other? And I’m not talking about either of their mamas.
THREE. Sweet Surprises

We have been so surrounded by love in the past few weeks, and on Wednesday morning a vase of sunflowers and container of homemade vanilla Funfetti cupcakes showed up on my doorstep. We each polished off a cupcake last night, and Davey could not stop raving about them. We’ll have to fight over the last one tonight.
FOUR. Art Therapy
The night before surgery, a talented artist friend of ours was teaching a class at Tuft on Central Ave. The class included a frame, paint, wine and art lesson. Davey had a fun night in with Nora Beth while my mom and I headed up to class. A couple of glasses of malbec later, and I’d created this little reminder based off the lyrics of one of my favorite songs written by our church’s worship team.
FIVE. Devotions
I have five freelance clients who incredibly allow me to work from home… combining my love of marketing, PR, and writing with my passion for my little squish. One of my clients is the unmatched talent of artist Anne Neilson. We’ve been working together expanding her platform sharing her amazing faith, and this week we launched a free downloadable seven day devotional. I’m so proud that I’ve been able to work on this project, and I highly encourage you to download it!
7 Day Devotional Promos3

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