On Our Plates

I went into this week sans meal plan, which usually leaves me stressed, frustrated, over-budget, and underwhelmed by what ends up on our plates, but thankfully we’ve been stocking our shelves and fridge with versatile staples and buying meat in bulk at Costco, so what’s ended up on our plates have been real winners in both health, taste and overall satisfication. I’ll take it. (But I will arm myself with a plan for next week… I’m no fate-tempter.)

Nora Beth feasts on half a banana each morning, and because every week I think she eats a whole banana or three daily, I end up with several overripe bananas in our bowl. Enter these healthy(er) chocolate banana muffins. No one in our family subscribes to any altered diets, so I tend to shy away from flourless recipes on principle, but these are delicious reheated for 45 seconds each morning. I even tried to sub out the almond meal for whole wheat flour and was sorely disappointed by the result. Try ’em.

This week I’ve already made these double chocolate cookies twice and will most likely whip up a third batch today. They’ve been sweet treats to go with new baby meals, enjoyed by David’s coworkers, and a tub accompanied me all over town for a bevy of meetings yesterday and were a huge hit all around. This time I used regular chocolate chips instead of peanut butter. No complaints regardless of the version you try. Oh! I did use the Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder, and highly recommend that alteration.

I can’t stop making soup right now even though it isn’t even cold. The dreary weather brings it out in me. Additionally, thanks to multiple readings of The Pout Pout Fish (there is nary an affiliate link in this post since literally no one knows who I am, bee tee dubs), I cannot rid my vocabulary of the term “dreary wearies.” Please tell me I’m not alone, moms? And if you need to add to your book collection, it’s one that we LOVE and absolutely don’t mind reading over and over again (side eyeing your “Doggies” tome, Sandra Boynton).

Chicken Fajita Soup – this has been a staple in our fridge for weeks now and has gone to several other houses for new baby or get-well-soon meals. It’s beyond easy and so delicious.
Chicken Pot Pie Soup – this soup came together so much faster than I expected (even with peeling and dicing the potatoes) and is a great comfort dish that’s healthier than a traditional pot pie. I would recommend upping the salt and pepper.
Maple Dijon Salmon Salad – no real recipe here. I thawed some salmon and coated it with some homemade mustard (if your husband isn’t a chef, just open your jar) and a drizzle of maple syrup, salt and pepper, and seared it in a cast iron on both sides. Our salad featured spinach, cruciferous crunch, herbed feta, dried super berries, walnuts, avocados and cranberry-walnut-gorgonzola dressing. It was so so satisfying, and left us both saying that we need to have salad nights more often.IMG_6294Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken – I felt super ambitious giving this recipe a whirl and waited for a football Saturday night to give it a go. Instead of thin cutlets I used hefty ole breasts (haaaa) and cooked them at 400 for 40 minutes. It was a perfect we-wanna-order-pizza-but-already-had-takeout-pad-thai-last-night-so-need-to-eat-in dish, but admittedly is not a 30 minute meal.
Worcestershire Flank Steak – we scored two separate meals out of this puppy. Costco has great prices on flank steak, so I like to snap up a pack when I’m there. Here’s the “recipe” for the marinade I used, but spoiler alert it’s salt, pepper and worcestshire sauce. That’s it. It’s my favorite way to prep flank and packs so much flavor. I served it alongside toasted naan, roasted broccoli and slow braised parmesan white beans (toss a can of cannelinis in a pot with some water and let them cook on lowwww heat, add in some thyme, salt and pepper, and right before they finish, throw in some parmesan to melt and get creamy). I want to eat these beans for every single meal of my life.
Southwestern Steak Wraps – I threw a coat of lipstick on the pig of leftovers and made Southwestern wraps out of the leftover steak last night (adding chopped lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream), served alongisde a bowl of reheated soup. Wham, bam, thanks for dinner, ma’am.

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