Five on Friday: Post-Thanksgiving

Happy Friday!!! After such a heavy post last week, it’s time to lighten things up with five post-Thanksgiving happenings and linking up with April & Co. for Five on Friday!
5 on FridayONE.
Meals on Wheels. One of our dogs chewed up a buckle on our high chair, so David cut them off the chair, which hasn’t been a problem except that Nora Beth recently discovered her potential freedom. She spends the first 2/3 of her meal completely serious and chowing down – she won’t break a smile, say a word or break her concentration. Her last third of the meal is playtime, and now, that includes standing up in her high chair. And saying “no” to an 11 month old might as well be saying “bubbles.” One of my good friends took advantage of a sale at Kid2Kid and scored this walker for us (which we’ve been in the consignment market for). We decided to keep NB eating breakfast in the high chair but let her cruise for lunch and dinner. She LOVES her new moves and ability to scoot and scoop at the same time. As you can see, mealtime is a ferocious situation.
Charlotte has experienced seemingly endless rain for months on end, and we’ve been eager to get outside. I read an interesting article last week about how being inside bores and overstimulates kids at the same time, which makes total sense. Our little independent lady doesn’t love being strapped into her stroller for long periods of time anymore, so we took the opportunity to create an adventure on our last walk, which meant stopping at every open green space and munching on Cheerio’s, examining leaves and rolling in the grass (and not completely disconnecting from the phone… come take a picture with mama!). It was heaven.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with a day surrounded by 18 of our very favorite people. We were all overflowing with gratitude, laughs, hugs, annnnnd the smoked turducken that David made complete with homemade boudin and homemade country sausage stuffing inside the meat masterpiece. I don’t think I’ve seen Davey any prouder since the day our sugar plum fairy was born.
FullSizeRender-23 IMG_6759FOUR.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I created a recipe for dinner that turned into a huge win… cranberry, pecan and Brie stuffed porkchops. It was SO easy and quick but felt fancy, and I can’t wait to share the “recipe.”
I have never braved Black Friday, and while I try to shop local, I do my enjoy perusing the online deals that start on Friday. With a baby who has 7 days between her birthday and Christmas, I’ve spent the past couple of months trying to stock up on gifts. Her big birthday gift is a musical instrument set, and her big Christmas gift is a play kitchen, but I’ve also scooped up some bows from April, foam letters and numbers for the tub, wooden puzzles, a See & Say, and some play food. No one on the planet loves books like Nora Beth. She is obsessed with books and has the longest attention span when reading. I knew I wanted to get her some new board books, and while I typically stock up when I go to Marshall’s, I found Book Outlet today through Ebates and could not believe the prices. I quickly scooped up 7 new books for less than $18 (plus my Ebates cash back).
Belly ButtonsKittens Olivia

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