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On Our Plates

This weekend we were inside a lot… a lot more than I typically like us to be, but David was off on Thursday and Friday, which paired with the snow and ice, gave us the ideal family situation. We were all together playing, singing, reading, making animal noises, Sesame Streeting and cooking. It was perfect. I still need to write a more detailed meal planning and grocery budgeting post, but until I get around to doing that in a few years (mostly kidding), here’s what we ate last week.
IMG_8859Avocado Chicken Enchiladas – confession: I didn’t wash the cilantro (I am terrible about not washing things… is that disgusting?), so this batch of enchiladas had some, um, texture.
Spinach Pesto Baked Tacos – These are super versatile and customizeable based on what you have on hand. David always forgets how much he likes these and acts very non-commital when I mention them, but he went over the top telling me how good they were. I know, man. I know.
Easy One Pot Lasagna – I am very distrusting of recipes that claim to be “easy” or “one pot.” This one delivers on every front, and oh my delicious. This was amazing. I want it literally every single day. Two words: Bay. Con.
Korean BBQ Steak Bowls – No real comments here other than that they were simple, easy and good. Not sure I’ll remake them often, but they’re a good change of pace and flavor profile. I will definitely make the dressing again. Yummm. Okay, so that was a handful of comments.
Slow Cooker Enchilada Orzo – ‘nother confession: I had opened a big bag of dried beans and separated them into smaller bags for NB to play with but then needed to do something with all the beans. I soaked them overnight then decided to toss them in the crockpot with rice, green chiles, taco seasoning and broth. Biggest fail ever. I basically made undercooked bean rice PlayDough. It was inedible. This recipe, however, nailed it. It is cheap, hands off and really good. Nora Beth really liked it too.

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