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On Our Plates

Yesterday was basically the best Monday in the history of Mondays. As a Christmas gift, one of my clients treated our team of 9 incredible women to a day at the Ballantyne Resort & Spa. Oh my heavenly days. We kicked off with a planning session and Bible study before lunch at the Gallery Restaurant in the resort (I will go ahead and order that luscious squash soup and out of this world fig and prosciutto flatbread e’rry day please and thank you) before heading down to the spa, graciously accepting our complimentary glass of sauvignon blanc (now listen, I really hate day drinking – no, really, I’m serious – but when you are being bougie on a Monday, you just do it. Because that’s what fancy people do, and I am nothing if not fancy), and hitting the steam room and sauna. At 2:00 it was massage time.

My very sweet and fantastic masseuse introduced herself, “My name is Jeanette… you may call me… Jeanette.” Sold. Best friends forever. After a 50 minute aromatherapy massage, I hit the steam room one more time before cooling off in the lounge with a magazine. In the words of all socially relevant people these days, “YASSSSS.” Afterward, I met my little nugget at My Gym for some free play time then headed home for dinnertime, bathtime, cuddle (“cuggle” as she says) time and bedtime. Oh Monday, I don’t care what anyone says about your squirrely personality. You looked beautiful yesterday.
IMG_9043Yesterday I posted a grocery budget breakdown. Below is a linked list of this week’s meal plan recipes.

White Bean Cassoulet – this is a winter staple in our house… healthy, filling, smoky, easy and appealing to the range of ages under our roof.
Spicy Sausage Pasta – everything you want in a pasta dish. It’s not the healthiest, admittedly, but your tastebuds do not care.
Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen – let your crockpot do the work and convince you that you’re a top chef. We loooove this ramen. Davey’s had a cold this week, and this flavorful broth helped clear out his sinuses last night while we watched Brendan Dassey testify in Making A Murderer. At least our meal wasn’t frightening.
Fennel Crusted Pork Chops – oh we fancy, huh? No. We aren’t. But we can pretend to be.
Mini Muffaletta Meatloaves – this is a new-to-us recipe that I’m eager to try. Davey loves meatloaf; I’m on the fence; Nora Beth likes every thing that has ever been put on her tray; I’m optimistic.
Wild Rice Feta Pine Nut Salad – this salad packs a wallop in the best possible way.

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