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Five on Friday

Last night Davey and I enjoyed a date night to Stagioni in Myers Park. It was delicious! We shared mortadella mousse, herbed ricotta and truffled devil eggs (the surprise standout of the night!) followed by Brussels sprouts pizza and wood fired broccoli for me and and sweet potato cavatelli for D. NB and I split the leftover pizza and broccoli for lunch today, and she was as impressed as we were.

Before the date, I stopped into Marshall’s and picked up a black jumpsuit. I’ve been wanting one for a while but have been afraid I’d look like Nora Beth in a onesie in them. I pulled the trigger on a black tank jumpsuit and paired with wedges and a jacket, I felt surprisingly glam. Until I had to use the bathroom. To use a bathroom in a jumpsuit, you have to completely disrobe, so immediately your glam fixin’s are kaput. Pair that with my accident prone tendencies, and you can get the full picture: feeling vulnerable having to undress, toss the jacket on the counter, watch it fall into the sink, which lo and behold has a sensory automatic faucet. Try to fish jacket out of sink, then get dressed again with wet jacket. Remember you are a very very non-glamorous 29 year old woman. Eat pizza. Drink wine.

Here are five other things. Thanks to April, Christina and Natasha for hosting!
5 on Friday
I am the first to admit that I am terrible at Bible studies and small groups. I never do my reading, I don’t commit well to the groups and vascillate between being the member of the group who talks way too much, and the one who doesn’t talk at all. But, one of my client teams is doing a weekly Bible study together before our regular status meeting, which has been awesome accountability. We’re reading Rebekah Lyons‘ Freefall to Fly, and I am really enjoying how down to earth and relatable she is, sharing her move to NYC and ultimate crash from anxiety. I seriously recommend it, regardless of your life stage.
Psssstttt… if you haven’t heard, Charlotte’s experiencing Cam-demonium, and we are ecstatic to be in the Super Bowl! We stocked up on some of our favorite local goods to get our whole family game day-ready… Davey and I will be sporting shirts from our friends at Honor Roll Designs, and NB will be jauntily donning a new bow from The Tipsy Bunny.
NB hopped on the Panthers fan train at My Gym this week for a spin and was one happy gal, though she was more interested in trying to get the “kee-kee-keety” off the front.
I got the most fun project request this week from the incredibly talented Jenna Jordan. She is one of my sister’s best friends and created original art for our wedding. She sent me a text early in the week asking if I’d be interested in providing some food-themed copy for a capsule collection of Valentine’s Day cards. I sent her some options that day, and the next morning she sent me proofs of the 4 designs that will be on sale next week. WHOA! Below is one of the four, and I’ll share the others next week!
This face. She has learned the word “No,” and has been using it all day to describe the things she shouldn’t be doing… she’ll reach toward the stove and say, “Nononono,” or hang her sippy cup off the high chair, saying, “Nononono,” then dies laughing when I respond, “Yooou better not do that!” I have the biggest crush on this 13 month old dream boat.

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  1. That jumpsuit story…..i’m dying….tears running down my face! HAHAHAHAH. Gracie’s comment: it’s the worst day ever….(Spongebob tune version)

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