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Grocery Budget Breakdown

Before the epic vomitous episode of the wee hours of Monday morning, I did a big grocery haul for the coming week. I had really planned on hitting different stores than Aldi and Publix again, since I routinely also do a bulk of my shopping at Target, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter and sometimes the Stallings’ Asian Market (the mecca of Asian markets). A quick scan at my list let me know I’d most likely need 3 stops this week (ick). After leaving Aldi, Nora Beth and I made a pass through the Target parking lot, and the pre-Super Bowl crowd was crushing, so we quickly exited and were heading to the Asian Market, which would leave a measly 2 things to get at Publix. That felt like a lot of trouble when I could get everything I needed at Publix, and my toddler bestikins was nearing lunch and naptime. I detoured to Publix only and was punished with overcharges on my international ingredients (though I knew I would be), a coupon refusal, and less than helpful customer service. I pretty much hate that my total for the week was $107.70… not a bad sum, but it could have easily been $20 less.
IMG_9259Here’s what we’re plating up this week:
Chili (no real recipe here but using a Frontera chili starter that we have on hand from Fresh Market as a base)
One Pot Lasagna
BBQ Beef & Mango Quesadillas
Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (recipe pictured below… this was my first “real” food after Monday, and it was perfect. NB loved it too. She ate the bok choy and chicken on a plate and request many “biii-s” of broth from my bowl)
Chipotle Orange Pork Tacos
Chicken Pad Thai
Total Spent: $58.52
Trail mix – $4.99
Shredded colby jack – $2.79
Wheat tortillas (2 packages) – $1.39 each
Cheese cubes – $1.99
Animal crackers – $1.49
Bananas (7) – $1.01
Whole milk (gallon) – $2.39
Chicken broth (32 oz.) – $1.39
Creamy peanut butter – $1.49
Skim milk (gallon) – $2.39
Cream cheese (2 packages) – $0.99 each
Tomato basil pasta sauce (24 oz.) – $0.99
Reusable grocery bags (3) – $0.10 each
Organic chopped kale (1 bag) – $3.49 (MAJOR NOTE: this was NOT the kale I used to make poisonous kale chips… that was a fresh bunch from Publix… side eye)
Mangos (2) – $0.99 each
Garlic (3 bulb pack) – $0.79
Graham crackers – $1.29
Blackberries – $1.99
Fresh mozzarella – $2.69
Shredded cheese “fancy” style (pssshhh) – $2.79
Bell peppers (red, yellow and orange pack) – $2.79
Chipotles in adobo – $0.99
Strawberry jam – $1.79
Ranch dressing seasoning envelope – $0.49
Grape tomatoes – $1.69
Blueberries – $2.69
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce – $1.95
Avocados (bag of 3) – $1,79
Seedless cucumber – $1.19 (I just forgot I bought this… looks like I know what NB is having for dinner)
Eggs (1 dozen) – $0.99

Publix: Listen, I knew that I was going to spend more than I wanted here, but I decided it would be okay because I had a $10 off $50 coupon. Well, I spent 82 cents less than $50. That’s happened at HT before, and they’ve honored it. I even offered to just have $9.82 taken off, but they said NOPE. I asked if I could buy some gum to bring my total to $50. Nada. I took the receipt to customer service, and they also said a firm no since the coupon wasn’t actually valid until Wednesday. I told them that I knew they also had active coupons that week, but I had lost mine (true statement). Still no. So I asked if I could bring my receipt back on Wednesday to get the credit… oh, no, because they can only do that after Monday. Thanks, Publix.
Total Spent: $49.18 (pssshhh, get over yourself. You ain’t the Teeter) 
Bok choy (1.32 lb.) – $3.29 ($2.49/lb.)
Diet Dr. Pepper (20 oz. x 3… shhhh) – $1.79 each
Frozen chicken breasts (1 bag) – $6.99 (we typically wait until Fresh Market’s $2.99 Tuesday for chicken and ground beef, but I also like having thin chicken cutlets in the freezer for quick fixes)
19 Crimes Red Wine Blend – $8.69 (usually $9.69)
Poblano pepper – $0.84 ($3.99/lb.)
Bean sprouts (canned in water) – $1.29
Soy sauce (Publix brand) – $2.49 (this was a price gouging. Target’s is something like $1.37)
C0c0nut milk (cheapest can I could find) – $1.49
Shallots (2) – $1.89
Superfood salad – $3.99
Lemongrass (squeeze tube) – $4.29
Cilantro – $0.99
Wheat tortillas (2 packages) – $1.39 each
Frozen OJ concentrate – $1.99
Rice noodles – $3.89 (these are like… $0.89 at the Asian market)

Things I didn’t need to buy this week for these recipes:
Salt + Pepper
Olive oil
Onions (the bag from Aldi last week took care of this week as well)
Pork (had 2 frozen ‘chops that were the right amount for the tacos)
Beef (had some frozen sirloin from a few weeks ago that will do just fine for the quesadillas)
Ground beef (had some frozen from last week)
Beans (always have plenty on hand)

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