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Send a Little Love

I guess you could say that losing makes me sick. And losing the Super Bowl, made us, well, literally sick. I woke up at 1:30 Monday morning with food poisoning. David heard me in the bathroom and came in to comfort me not knowing he’d be back 30 minutes later getting sick himself. We were up every half hour through the night (our best guess is the kale chips we munched on during the game… who knew greens weren’t healthy after all?!). I always thought I’d make a pretty good quarterback, and now I know if the sport is cookie tossing, I’d be league MVP. Thankfully, my mom came over at 7:30 and picked up Nora Beth for the day (when Little arrived, I was lying on the floor next to the crib trying to read NB a book with very little success… “Then the dog got the thing and it was blue or something…” #goals). She also brought us a stash of Pepto and later dropped by with some Saltines, ginger ale, bread and DDP. We spent the whole day trying to convince ourselves that we were alive, eventually migrated downstairs to the couch, and napped a whole heckuva lot. I could keep “yacking” about it, but y’all don’t need to know more.
AssortmentBUT! BUT! We’re mostly alive today and back on track with our normal schedules, working, playing, and cuddling. Plus, while I was down for the count, my sweet and wildly talented friend Jenna sent me a note to let me know that our Valentine’s cards are in and available for purchase and digital download (all 4 for $6!) HERE! I had so much fun thinking of these lines and was cracking myself up in the middle of Making A Murderer. I’d love to know your favorite!
Biscuit Crockpot PB&J Taco

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