Grocery Budget Breakdown: Trader Joe’s + Target

D and I are not really “Valentine’s people.” We have no doubt about our love for each other and without being too sappy or gag-reflexy, we’d rather have the stability of knowing that year-round instead of once a year. Nonetheless, we had the sweetest weekend! Most weekends NB, “Nina” and I pal around doing menu planning and shopping and wine’ing while D works, but we had the great treat of him being off on Saturday. We had planned to attend NB’s BFF’s first birthday party, but sweet Frances was battling a virus that cancelled the fete. Instead, we ran her gifts by on Saturday morning and let NB play in the baby pool of balls (NB calls them “bowels,” which I hope she never changes), went to a nearby Chick-fil-A for lunch (free, thanks to gift cards! And basically had a grown up date since Nora Beth could not have cared less about us and instead kept her feet on the table while shoveling grilled nugs and greeted all passers by with a jubilant “HI!”) then popped into Toys & Co. and let her run around and play before naptime. It was perfect. I can’t say who loved the toy store more… Nora Beth or Davey.
IMG_9386D headed to a movie on Saturday night, so my mom and I made dinner, bathed NB and put her to bed, then spent the evening gabbing over shiraz and chardonnay. Sunday morning Davey opened, so Nora Bethy and I enjoyed a girls’ morning. She munched on some peanut butter French toast ’cause she fancy. We had early (EARLY!) dinner reservations, and Sunday mornings at church tend to throw off her schedule, so we chose supper over Jesus for the day, and instead ran out to pick up some Nothing Bundt Cakes, then had a hilariously good time in the water table. She got it for her birthday, and while I had thought we’d wait until the spring to pull it out, I threw down some bath towels, filled it with warm water and let her go to town. Our dinner reservations were at our favorite, The Blue Taj, at the bustling hour of 4:30, and David, NB, my mom and I had a blast. The staff there adores NB and will just scoop her out the high chair and walk her around the restaurant and into the kitchen. She had a blast being a mascot and CHOWED DOWN on the best Indian food. Just call her Korma Beth. The night ended with those Nothing Bundt Cakes, and me on the couch in jammies before 7:00 watching old episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Romance never dies, my friends.
IMG_9434 IMG_9435On Saturday, after NB’s afternoon nap, we took a family outing to Trader Joe’s and Target for our weekly grocery haul. I spent $111.50 between the two. This week we’re eating:
Dan Dan Noodles
Moussaka Shepherd’s Pie
Sausage & Tortellini Soup
Chicken Ranch Burrito Bowls
Sausage, Arugula + Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Trader Joe’s: What a magical place. I always overspend here because it all looks so inventive and healthful, and it usually delivers. Plus… wine. On Saturday afternoon it was PACKED, but I was please we got in an out for less than $100.
Total Spent: $80.14
Cowboy caviar salsa: $2.49 (this was not on the list but was a fun impulse buy per D)
Tribunal red wine: $9.99 (first time trying this, and it was really nice)
Spiral Cellars chardonnay: $7.99
Granola cereal: $2.99
Gem lettuces (3 pack): $2.29
Skim milk (1 gallon): $3.49
Baby spinach (6 oz.): $1.99
Brussels sprouts: $2.49
Dates: $4.79 (this was a pricy buy, but I’ve been excited to see if NB likes them… and, of course, she does)
Eggplant: $1.79 ea.
Green peppers (3): $2.67 ($0.89 ea.)
Dried mango slices: $2.99
10-minute farro: $1.79
Greek yogurt (2%): $2.99
Tomato paste: $0.89
Blackberries (organic, 6 0z.): $3.99
Avocados (2): $1.98 ($0.99 ea.)
Parsley: $1.70 (robbery)
Arugula: $1.99
Bluberries (11 oz.): $2.99
Tomato sauce: $1.49
Raspberry preserves: $2.99
Eggs (1 dozen): $1.99
Bananas (7): $1.33 ($0.19 ea.)
Zucchini: $1.99
Mini heirloom tomatoes: $3.49

Target: Hi. I love you. If you don’t use Cartwheel, it is well worth your time to pre-shop it. Also, Target accepts Target and manufacturer’s coupons for ample, ample savings.
Total Spent: $31.36
Archer Farms roasted chipotle salsa: $2.79
Market Pantry bacon: $3.99
Market Pantry ground Italian sausage: $3.29
Good Seasons Italian seasoning packet: $1.32
Ranch seasoning (2): $3.04 ($1.52 ea.)
Market Pantry chicken broth: $2.59
Taste of Thai rice noodles: $5.69 (robbery)
Market Pantry black beans (2): $1.54 ($0.77 ea.)
Chipotle powder: $4.99

Things I already had onhand:
Frozen ground beef
Frozen sausage
Chicken breasts
Olive oil
Salt + pepper
Roasted tomatoes
Frozen tortellini

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