Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + The Fresh Market

I’m experimenting this week and getting cuh-razy. Just consider Brighmoor Dr. akin to Cabo Spring Break 2005, bitches! (that is a joke… the rowdiest place I have ever been was a club in college that I specifically bought a pink, sequined tube top for. I went very intentionally to ride the mechanical bull because I thought I would be good at it, and then was horrified to discover there was a “Male Review” going on. So I rode the bull and went home. It was a really nice tube top, though.) I have a loose meal plan for the week, but not as detailed as I tend to. I made my every 6 week or so Costco run to load up on proteins, and since the only things I love in bulk or diet soda, wine, raw meat and baby snuggles, I tend to be a bit looser when I do that haul. This semi-regular trip helps keep our regularly scheduled shopping trips low-cost, and I usually only buy one or two supplemental proteins each week. This week I did need a few non-bulk items and enlisted Davey to scoop them up for us from The Fresh Market (full disclosure, we receive a 20% employee discount there). Here’s a look at what we scored by shopping bulk + boutique.

Total: $236.77
Food Total: $187.32
Clothing Total: $49.45
1 gallon whole milk – $2.99
1 gallon skim milk – $2.29
Red grapefruit cups (12) – $9.99
Broccoli – $5.29
Pirate’s Booty – $5.89
Solmayor Tempranillo – $6.99
Hook & Ladder – $10.99
Nestle chocolate chips (surprisingly less expensive than the Kirkland’s Best) – $8.99
Kale superfood salad – $5.49
Brussels sprouts – $4.49
Smoked salmon – $8.99
5 cheese tortellini (2 pack) – $9.99 (this is THE best tortellini you will eat)
Reya naan – $4.39
Boston butt, 9 lbs. – $27.58
Bonne Maman jelly – $5.99
Pork loin, 12 lbs. – $14.16
Chicken thighs, 9 lbs. – $9.19
Flank steak, 6 lbs. – $25.09
Whole chickens, 2 – $9.01
*Costco is my secret weapon for clothes. I was supposed to go to a local Y’s semi-annual consignment sale, but when I heard the line to check out was 45 minutes long, I hopped on OldNavy.com and picked up 3 spring dresses and 2 pairs of shoes for NB for less than $40 and then rounded out my day with some great transitional pieces for this littlest.
Carter’s 3-piece spring outfits – $8.99 each
Little Me footless zipper pajamas – $7.49
THE most amazing lounge pants for me – $14.99

The Fresh Market
Total: $20.63
Chun’s Pad thai rice noodles – $3.99
Fage Greek yogurt cups, 10 – $1 ea. (10 for $10 sale)
Beef stock – $2.49
Grape tomatoes – $2.99
Blackberries – $3.33
Shallots – $2.52 ($5.99/lb.)

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