(Almost) 15 Months of Nora Beth

When I tell you that I wrung every minute out of the baby-baby stage of Nora Beth’s life, I really mean it. I relished every second with teeny tiny Nora B, but let me tell you, I cannot get enough of this toddler stage. She is just so… vibrant. Her personality is addicting, and she’s such a fun mix of super sweet and laid-back and busy, busy, busy.
IMG_9680Earlier this week I was letting her play in the kitchen while I prepped some meals, and she discovered our pantry cabinets. Knowing that there wasn’t much damage she could, I let her play quietly. When I went over to check on her, I saw pieces of Hershey Kiss foil littering the floor. I don’t think we’ve had Hershey Kisses in the house for maaaaybe 3 years, so where she unearthed them, I don’t know (or as NB says, “I no know.”). She looked up at me with a face smeared with chocolate, held up an unwrapped kiss and proudly exclaimed, “‘MATO!” (tomato). I wish tomatoes tasted like Kisses and chocolate was considered produce, enchilada. I wish. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to us, and we truly cannot get enough of you.
Height (at 12 months): 29″ (42nd percentile)
Weight (at 14 months): 22 lbs. (68th percentile)
Head Circumference (at 12 months): 18″ (72nd percentile)
Sleep: Nora Beth typically still naps twice a day. Her first nap usually happens between 8:30 and 9:00 and can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Her second nap happens somewhere in the ballpark of 1:00 and 2:00 and most regularly lasts an hour and a half. She goes down at 6:45 every night, and would probably be happy to go down earlier, but 6:45 is really a sweet spot. She wakes up most mornings at 7:02 on the dot, and she always wakes up happy and chatty.
Food: Ooooh, gracious, can this girl eat. She eats 3 meals and 1 snack a day. She is not at all picky and becomes very, VERY insistent when she wants a bite of whatever you have (“BITEBITEBITEBITE”). She is very serious for the first 2/3 of her meal, and then spends the last third being goofy, feeding the dogs, and offering us bites off her tray. When she’s finished eating, she “WHI-WHIPE” (wipes) up her tray with her bare hands and throws what she doesn’t want on the floor and declares either “DOWN!” or “UP!” (she’s directionally challenged, but that’s okay).
Quirkiest food loves: This child loves black olives. She also fancies Indian food, cauliflower seasoned with curry and turmeric and “shpicwee” (spice) foods. And, um, everything else.
Quirkiest food dislikes: She is not picky but prefers not to eat the edges of ravioli or tortellini, and loves all “beewies” except for blueberries. No thank you. She also hasn’t been wild about grapefruit and can take or leave scrambled eggs.
It’s harder to find something Nora Beth doesn’t love, but here are some of her favorites:
– TOWELS. She is fixated on “DOWELS!” right now. Everything is a towel, could be a towel, should be a towel, looks like a towel. She knows where we keep our dish towels and requests them multiple times a day and alternates between cuddling them and wiping with them.
– Her “yuvveys.” She has 4 loveys we rotate between, and she likes having two against her face when it’s time to go “ni-night.”
– Books
– “Beep beep” – the thermometer. She loves carrying it around and taking our temperature behind our ear and her temperature behind her ears.
– Small “bobbles” of “medis.” She freaks out when she sees small medicine bottles around, and can regularly be found toting one in each hand. She’s been on antibiotic for a sinus infection and loves drinking her medicine. We had a sitter named Madison earlier this week, and when I asked NB if she was excited to see Madison, she went running to the fridge shouting “MEDIS! MEDIS! MEDIS!” Poor girl just loves medicine.
– “Beers.” Me too. But what she loves are her stuffed bears. She carries then all around the house and requests to “cuggle” with them regularly. She doesn’t really understand how to cuddle, but we are working on it, because Mama and Daddy love her sweet “cuggles” too.
– Being upside. Holding Nora Beth when she’s in a silly mood can be dangerous because she will suddenly do a trust fall just so she can hang upside down.
– Bubbles. This is a new favorite, and she can’t seem to get enough.
– “Schides” (slides). She talks about slides all the time. My Gym has several, and we also go to a local park once or twice a day. She never likes to go down them as much as she likes to touch and talk about them, but they’re a regular part of her vocabulary.
– Riding in the Ergo backpack. We went hiking a couple of weekends ago and gave this mode of transportation a try, and she was delighted. Since then, we’ve let her ride in the “pack-pack” to our neighborhood playground, and she squeals.
– Bouncing – girlfriend takes any opportunity to “boun-bouns.”
– Remote control – we watch a show together a couple of times a week (Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger or Doc McStuffens), but even when we’re not watching, she loves to carry the remotes around and talk about “shows.”
– Pretending to blow her nose. If she sees a tissue she’ll hold up to you to blow while snorting her own nose.
– Peppa Pig – she doesn’t even know that Peppa is a show, but she has a stuffed Peppa who she loves. At this point every pig is a “PEPPA!!”
– Shoes.
– “Bun-yees” that “hop hop hop.”
– “Necknaces” and “head-bees” (headbands). Obsessed.
– Helping me “WHI-WHIPE” her lotion on after bath time.
– Bathtime. She loves to “pleesh plash” in the tub and to make her foam shark go “chom chom chom” on her belly.
– There’s not a lot that this easygoing girl doesn’t like, but she has learned “no,” and will scrunch up her face and wave her hands in front of it and say, “N’ n’ n’ n'” when we try to do something she doesn’t want us to – like suck out her nose or give her a bite of something she’s finished with.
– She also knows what she isn’t supposed to touch and will get reeeeally close to it, reach out a hand then look back at us and smile and say, “No no!” We’ve taught her that for the things that we can’t touch, we can look at them and wave and say, “Hi!” and she loves to do that, especially with the framed art hanging above her changing table.
– Getting her diaper changed. She is just too busy to be bothered with laying still very long.
– Having a “bobble” taken away when she really really wants it.
– Being denied bites of food.
IMG_9579Speech + Learning
– Her vocabulary blows my mind. She knows SO many words and is so responsive in learning words and remembering them days later. She tries to repeat almost everything we say, and has really been liking multi-syllable words lately.
– She is so goofy and funny, but really she is very serious. She has a very long attention span and is happy to play on her own. She becomes very focused on figuring out how things work and how they fit together. She loves digging through my mom’s purse and pulling out her “lipnicks,” taking the tubes apart, pretending to apply it to us or herself and putting it back together. She’s really similar with my “make mup,” and likes watching where I put it (though I regularly tell her that pretty babies don’t need makeup, just ugly mamas). She’s figured out how to open her “bobbles,” which has made us MUCH more cautious about letting her play with them in the car.
– She likes putting things together and will patiently and calmly repeat “guck” (stuck) or “halp” over and over if she needs assistance until we come give her a hand.

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