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Grocery Budget Breakdown

I was up until 3:00 this morning finishing a work project. I toiled for 15 hours straight with a break for a mental unraveling, a micro-workout, and toddler bath time. The project never, ever should have taken that long, but a few weak links in the process led to a massive headache on my end. I’m definitely not complaining (I am actually sort of complaining)… I’m thankful for projects that allow me to be home with Nora Beth as much as I am. But nothing takes me from 0 to stabby like a man emailing me, “At least you don’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow.” Stab stab stab. As a result of all that stabbing and working, I have some weird stitch in my side under my ribcage and sort of wrapping around to my kidney? Is that of the same severity as shift work syndrome? Can you pull a muscle laying on the couch with your laptop? Will my hands ever stop tingling from the leftover Icy Hot I smeared around my side?

I’m a week behind on Grocery Budget Breakdown, so this week will be a  twofer. Below is last week’s round up, and I’ll be back later in the week for how we’re chowing and saving this week. Last week I hit Aldi, and this week I stayed at Target.


Menu Plan:
One Pot Lasagna (it’s jusssttt about time to retire this one until winter comes ’round once again)
Chicken Tikka Masala
Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole
Rice and Bean Casserole (we ate this with some added seared smoked sausage and topped with fried eggs)
Spinach Pesto Baked Tacos (I doubled this recipe to take some to a new mama)
Bonus items:
Zucchini and carrot tots (make these… they are delicious for kids and not-kids)
These pancakes that we are hardly ever without. They make a huge batch, and we freeze half and let NB nosh on one or two (three?) at breakfast.

32 oz. Plain yogurt: $1.89
Kale citrus salad: $2.99 (we are addicted to roasting this stuff, and it’s $1 less at Aldi than Publix)
Smoked sausage: $2.19
Animal crackers: $1.49
Cream cheese: $0.99
Greek yogurt cups (individual) x 6: $0.69 each (Nora Beth is straight up enamored of BOGIRK!!!!)
Frozen chopped spinach and kale: $1.29
Medium roast K-Cups: $4.49
Pasta sauce (organic): $1.49
Basmati rice (white): $2.79
Basmati rice (brown): $2.79
Mandarin orange cups: $1.69
Goldfish: $1.85 (FEESH!)
Whole milk (gallon): $1.99
Grape tomatoes: $1.49
Medium salsa: $1.89
Large eggs (1 dozen): $0.89
Asparagus: $2.79
Tomato paste: $0.39
Heavy cream: $1.69
Refrigerated salsa: $1.99
Crushed tomatoes x 2: $0.95 ea.
Lodi Red Zinfandel: $7.99
Chicken thighs: $3.81 ($0.89/lb.)
Brussels sprouts: $2.29
Cauliflower: $1.99 (another of NB’s favorite foods… “CAULI-CAULI!” orrr “Faulaclower!”)
Porcini mushroom tortellini: $1.49
Shredded cheese x 2: $2.49 ea.
Cilantro: $0.79
Pineapple: $1.19
Tomato sauce (can) x 2: $0.25 ea.
Fresh mozzarella: $2.69
Blackberries: $1.49 (our little friend would go on a multi-day blackberry bender if we left her. “Beeh-yees!!!”)
Bananas – $1.24 ($0.44/lb.)
Strawberries – $1.99
Cabbage – $1.29
Kidney beans – $0.59
Taco seasoning envelope x 2 – $0.35
Pesto (jar) – $1.69
Chipotles in adobo sauce – $0.99
Avocados x 2: $1.39
Cottage cheese: $2.29
Brown sugar: $1.29
Skim milk (gallon): $1.99 
Total: $92.68

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