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Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + On Our Plates

You know when you’re ghosting that friend but then spot them across the gym and sort of wave and hope they don’t come over and say hi? No? That’s just my introversion paranoia? Well, pretend with me that you are less capable of healthy social interactions than you are, and you’ll be on my level. And then you’ll reread that first sentence, know what I’m talking about, hop aboard my analogy train and make the connection of how I’ve been feeling about this blog space recently.

Hi! Here we are. 1 month later and pretending I haven’t been ignoring it. This post was prompted by my sister asking me this morning if I was ever going to blog again. Fine. Okay. I will. Also, I’m in a mom’s group on Facebook that is a recipe swapping group, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing with them what I’m making each night, plus it’s prompted me to get more diligent about our meal plans again. It’s been a jumbled last 4 weeks, and I’ve thrown meals together and stuck with my grocery budget, I just haven’t been as regimented.

A weekend trip to Costco to avoid the 95+ degrees outside brought me back into the game. Here’s a look at what I bought and how I spent at Costco as well as what we’re eating with it this week.
Frozen spring rolls (I forgot I got these until I checked the receipt. Not a typical purchase for us, but when I asked Davey if he had any requests, he sent me a ridiculous joke list, and one of the things was frozen egg rolls. Well guess what, buddy. Jokes on you because now we’re stocked): $9.99
Five cheese tortellini (Costco has the best tortellini. NB loves it.): $9.99 (contains 2 packages)
Sliced muenster cheese: $6.59
Pepperidge Farm 15 grain sandwich bread: $4.89 (contains 2 loaves)
Reya naan (HIGHLY recommend this for toasting with butter, making easy pizzas or just anything, really): $4.39
Kirkland’s Best pesto: $7.99
JIF creamy peanut butter: $9.99 (contains 2 very large jars)
Kirkland’s Best chocolate covered raisins: $10.69
Avocados: $5.99 (bag of 7-8)
Flank steak: $27.76 (Costco is my favorite place to get bulk meat. Their flank steak is really well priced and contains 2 steaks)
Pork loin: $15.48 (for 8 pounds)
Whole chicken: $11.84 (for 2 chickens)
Total: $125.59

Meal Plan:
Thanks to Costco haul + on-hand items
One-Pan Roasted Dinner (I used chicken+apple chicken sausage, homemade boudin, parsnips, sweet potato, onion and brussels sprouts)
Beef and Blue Cheese Sliders
Thai Curry with Pork (LOVE this… I subbed the baby corn for bell pepper, cauliflower and zucchini and used jalapeño instead of the serrano or Thai peppers. I was also plum out of ginger so used a few shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg instead)
Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken (have I talked about how much I dislike Ina’s smug demeanor? Really cannot stand watching her show, but beyotch turns it out with this no-fail roast chicken).
Smoked Sausage Pasta (I always have a package of smoked sausage on hand. It lasts forever and is a really versatile protein to add to pastas, whip up a quick jambalaya or serve with rice and beans. Plus it’s really inexpensive.)

One thought on “Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + On Our Plates

  1. Love that one-pan dinner and so happy your fam does too! Costco really does have some great deals to help you save big if you can avoid the impulse purchases! 🙂


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