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Grocery Budget Breakdown: Harris Teeter

On Tuesday morning Nora Beth woke up with just a bit of her normal shimmer missing. By lunchtime it became clear that she was not right at all. We scrambled to find a working thermometer and confirmed that indeed she was running a fever. I was able to get her into our pediatrician’s office that afternoon where it was confirmed that she had a virus in the same family as hand, foot and mouth (a malady we experienced while out of town over Memorial Day), and that her symptoms would mimic strep for the next 3-5 days.
IMG_2313Our sweet little pookie spent the week battling her virus but ran a fever until Saturday night. She endured many an internal temperature taking, lots of Mother Goose Club (which she calls, “Todd. Ler. Tunes.”), a mother as clingy to her as she was to me, and a general lethargy and malaise about the week. This coincided with a work week for Davey that included closings almost every night. We were all plum beat by Saturday. I nearly lost my religion last night when I pulled that thermometer out and saw it still reading 100.7.

Thankfully, David was home and offered to handle dinnertime, bathtime and bedtime so I could pull myself together on a solo grocery store run. This morning, our household awoke to our first fever free morning in 5 days, which we celebrated with a trip to Southpark’s playground followed by a reins-free toddler romp through the empty mall. And tomorrow, we may even let the sugar plum fairy out of quarantine and back into the general toddler population. And all the people said amen!

Here’s a look at how we’re eating this week and how I spent our grocery budget (a little higher than normal this week, coinciding with a restock of some pantry necessities).

Melt In Your Mouth Chicken Pie
Rice & Bean Casserole (served with seared andouille sausage)
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Coconut and Lemongrass Noodle Bowls
Brown Sugar Lemon Chicken

Harris Teeter:
Corn meal – $2.19
Sambal Oelek – $2.99
Cream of chicken soup – $0.80 (ran you believe that Campbell’s was trying to charge me $1.75 per can? Hay-ull nah.)
Brown sugar – $1.99
Kidney beans – $0.77
Buffalo sauce – $2.67 (also, Frank’s was trying to charge me $4.99. Nope.)
Chicken broth – $1.25
Lime juice – $1.79
Fish sauce – $2.69
Coconut milk – $3.94 (for 2 cans)
Black beans – $0.77
Tomato sauce – $0.49 (8 oz. can)
Fire roasted diced tomatoes – $1.00
Brown rice – $1.99
Brown rice noodles – $3.99
Sauvignon blanc – $9.99 (Wine has been SUCH an aversion so far this pregnancy, but after this week, it sounded pretty appealing. I still abstained. I love you, fetus.)
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts – $15.09 (5 lbs. at $2.97/lb.)
Bone-in chicken thighs – $6.10 (4.8 lbs. at $1.27/lb. If you’re watching your budget, go for skin-on and bone in. Thighs are really easy when it comes to deboning and skinning.)
Blue cheese crumbles – $3.99
Lemongrass – $3.99 (fresh is much less expensive, but a real pain in the toosh. I always splurge for the squeezable stuff.)
Romaine hearts – $2.99
Bananas – $1.96
Lemon – $0.79
Avocados – $7.47 (3 at $2.49… I didn’t realize how poorly these were priced until just now. Actually, we had 4 leftover from our Costco haul last week, but our jerk dog reacted to the terrifying thunder on Friday night by demolishing them. Yeah, that seems equivalent.)
Strawberries – $2.50
Blackberries – $1.67
Green onions – $0.79 (I never, ever buy green onions for recipes, but 3 of mine this week called for them, so I decided I could live a little and drop the change.)
Carrots – $0.56 (for 4)
Cucumbers – $1.25
Ginger root – $0.40
Jalapeños – $0.30 (for 3)
Onions – $1.47 (for 3 lbs.)
Cilantro – $1.50
Whipped cream – $1.24 (I made this chocolate mousse last night on a whim. Worth it.)
Fage Honey 4-pack – $3.99
Chobani Peach 4-pack – $3.50
Eggs – $1.39
Heavy cream – $2.67
Buttermilk – $1.50
Skim milk – $2.59
Whole milk – $2.59
Smithfield andouille sausage – $2.97
Diet Dr. Pepper – $1.75
Red Bull Zero – $3.39 (you’re welcome, Davey.)
Total: $122.93

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