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Grocery Budget Breakdown: Harris Teeter Express Lane

It’s been an exciting week so far! Well, technically, it’s been an exciting 3 weeks, since that’s how long Davey and I have know that we’re having a second daughter. I was, however, terrified that the results of our 15- week and 18-week ultrasounds would be different. I have an irrational fear of getting in trouble, and I felt like going at 15 weeks was cheating, and my punishment would be a gender reversal. Thanks to irrationality, it was a tiny little sister both times, and we were able to celebrate with our closest family on Monday. And I don’t have to keep the secret anymore. Praise!
IMG_2535I’ll share more details of our gender reveal later this week (because who can get enough of other people’s babies?), but first, let’s rewind to last week… which hosted the greatest meal plan I’ve put together maybe ever. I also decided to go 21st century and give Harris Teeter Express Lane a go (not sponsored, but if you’re reading, Mr. Teeter… hi!). The first pick up fee is waived, but subsequent orders are charged $4.95. I hate spending needless extra money, but as Nora Beth gets increasingly, um, persistent, at stores, it will be worth it in the future. I shopped online for ingredients for 7 entrees, as well as our breakfasts and lunches. I spent a little bit more than usual, but I chalk that up to an additional 2 entrees. I actually felt like shopping online kept me true to exactly what I needed on my list.

Here’s what we ate:
Korean Beef Bowls (this was a new-to-me recipe, and I’ve already made it again. We loved it.)
Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie
Zippy Orzo Summer Salad (I basically like this because it was titled with the word “zippy.” And it was great, though not super husband-friendly. Instead, I shared with my mom.)
Lemon Chicken Piccata
Chicken Avocado Ranch Burritos (another new-to-me recipe that I will absolutely be making again as soon as I can. These were delicious.)
Quick Asian Pho (my first attempt at homemade pho. I followed the recipe exactly and added 2 beef bouillon cubes, a spoonful of sambal oleyek, lime juice and fish sauce.)
Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta (Nora Beth loved this.)

Harris Teeter Express Lane:
Chicken Broth x 2 – $3.29 ea.
Annie Chun brown rice noodles – $3.99
Cream of chicken soup – $0.97
Orzo x 2 – $1.39
Chocolate chips – $2.39
Sugar – $2.79
Butter-flavored Crisco sticks – $3.79
Butter – $3.45
Sour cream – $1.29
Fage yogurt x 10 – $1.00 ea.
Plain yogurt – $1.00
Shredded mozzarella – $3.29
Biscuits – $1.39
Milk (1 gallon skim, 1 gallon whole) – $2.59 ea.
Tortillas – $3.19
Shrimp – $8.99
Carrots – $0.60
Bananas – $1.74
Blackberries x 2 – $2.00 ea.
Strawberries – $2.50
Onions x 2 – $3.67
Shallots – $0.76
Broccoli – $2.31
Grape tomatoes x 2 – $2.49 ea.
Spinach – $2.69
Roasted chicken x 2 – $4.99 ea.
Boneless chicken thighs – $11.02
Chicken breasts – $6.03
Limes x 2 – $0.66
Cucumber – $0.50
Dill – $2.49
Avocado x 2 – $3.34
Garlic – $0.59
Corn x 3 – $1.20
Bean sprouts – $0.32
Total – $120.86

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