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Grocery Budget Breakdown: HT Express Lane under $90

On Saturday night, Nora Beth woke up around 10:30, nearly inconsolable. David went in to scoop her up and rock her, then called me in to feel her. She was burning up and running a fever of 102.3. After a dose of medicine and some more rocking, she finally went down for the rest of the night, and in the morning I realized that we were facing our second round of hand, foot and mouth, and our third time battling a virus within the same family. Sob!

In our “tent” watching “Woo, dear.”

The past few days have been a struggle for our Toaster Strudel. She has been nearly Velcro’ed to me and has refused most food and drink other than Popsicles (Yasso brand Greek yogurt pops for the win, folks). She goes through bouts of lots of energy and happiness, and though we’ve kept her quarantined from most people, we have been able to enjoy the cooler temperatures and low humidities with walks and runs on the greenway, swinging and sliding at the park, and splashing in the water table.

We’ve also discovered the wonder of “Winnie the Pooh: Heffalump Movie,” and this girl who typically eschews shows in favor of endless rounds of YouTube channel songs, has been very very intrigued by the “baby kangaroo” and “baby ell-fant. Cwying. Baby ell-fant sad. Mama ell-fant looking.” In the movie, Kanga beckons for Roo by calling, “Roo, Dear,” and NB has been calling us, “Woo, dear,” throughout the week, and it melts me.

All of that to say, I’ve been pretty dependent on the crockpot for dinner thanks to a lack of free hands. I know a lot of people criticize crockpot cooking for leaving dishes dry and one-note, but we seem to hit jackpots with most attempts. Below is a list of what we’ve been eating this week as well as a second round of Express Lane shopping. I got free pick up because my online order was $124, but when I swung through the line, my total was a happy $87.65 with VIC specials, lower in-store prices, and some free produce that “was not excellent quality.”

On Our Plates:
Korean BBQ Bangkok Burrito – you guyz. I made this for the first time last night, and David and I could not stop eating it or raving about it. I will be making these again, and soon. I followed the meat recipe exactly as written, and then for burrito assembly, we nixed the kimchi, and instead added red cabbage (that we had from another recipe this week) sautéed in olive oil, rice vinegar, Sambal Oleyek, and a pinch of salt; some quick pickled carrots (also from another recipe this week); cilantro; basil; and a quick sauce of sriracha, mayo, sour cream, smoked paprika, and garlic salt. I love up-cycling leftover components of recipes.
Beef + Mango Quesadillas – a simple, household favorite. Made even sweeter by my comped mangos (or as NB calls them, “mingo, mango, mongos,” thanks to one silly description by yours truly)
Banh Mi Rice Bowls – this was another first and will for sure be made again, and it gave me the burrito extras too. I LOVE the flavor profiles of a banh mi sandwich, and this was just as delicious but with easier assembly.
Jerk Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – I haven’t made these in a really long time, but I love them, and I think a non-blister mouthed NB will too.
Portobello Gouda Burgers – Thanks to a shopping trip to the US Food store a few weeks ago, we have a literal log of smoked gouda cheese at our disposal. Davey swears by the portobello gouda burgers at The Fresh Market, so we’re going to whip up our own at home.

Harris Teeter Express Lane 2.0
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce – $2.99
HT long grain rice – $0.89
HT soy sauce – $1.99
HT chocolate chips – $2.39
HT brown sugar – $1.99
HT ground nutmeg – $4.99
HT baking powder – $1.27
Chobani Greek yogurt x 10 – $1.00 ea.
HT shredded cheese x 5 – $3.29 ea. (best VIC deal in the world… buy 2, get 3 free)
Highland Crest milk (1 gal. whole, 1 gal. skim) – $2.59 ea.
La Banderita extra large flour tortillas – $3.19
Smoked sausage x 2 – $3.75 ea.
Portobello mushroom caps – $3.49
Carrots (2 lbs.) – $0.97
Jalapeños – $0.55
Bartlett pears x 3 – $3.78
Sweet onions – $2.35
Sweet potatoes x 3 – $2.85
Red cabbage – $3.42
Angus top round (3 lbs.) – $10.31
Chicken breast – $7.44
Ginger root – $1.60
Bell pepper – $2.49
Total: $87.65

**Also picked up some farmer’s market peaches, tomatoes and okra at the Matthews market on Saturday morning pre-sickness.

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