20 Months of Nora B

Soon-to-be-big-sister Nora Beth Arey, Sugar Plum Fairy, is 20 months old and rounding the corner to age 2 much faster than her father or I would really like, were we actually in charge here. My ability to comment on her chunky thighs and arms is swiftly coming to a close as she continues to grow (though, her cheeks are hanging strong, and with any luck, always will). As implausible as it is for me to think of her as 2-year old, it’s even wilder for me to think that in just 5 months she will carry the all-important title of “Big Sister.”
IMG_2716What She Eats:
Quite literally, anything we put in front of her. She is such a champion eater, and other than cucumbers, doesn’t really turn her nose up at anything. Her favorites include shrimp, salmon, cauliflower, peas, mango (“Mango MONNNGOOO”), strawberries, yogurt, cheese and tomatoes.
IMG_2621What She Likes:
She is really a pretty content little biscuit, but her current favorites include songs (she won’t watch much narrative-based TV shows, though we can occasionally convince her to watch Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Barney, Doc McStuffens, and Clifford) and her favorite YouTube channels include Mother Goose Club, Storybots and Super Simple Learning Songs. She sings nonstop and knows the lyrics to an endless number of tunes. She also loves books, playing outside, swimming, bath time, coloring (she was pretty uninterested in coloring with crayons but has a deep love for coloring with markers and having us “write NorBeff” for her to color), swinging, sliding, animals of all kinds, books, her loveys, her paci (for the crib and car only), watching or helping us cook, using her “big muscles… big muscle girl!” to take lids off of anything she can, counting (she can count to 17 these days and say the ABCs up to “P”) and listening to the baby.
IMG_2553What She Dislikes:
“Skeeeery carwash,” she says with a very furrowed brow and frown. “Mo’mercials” on her “toddler tunes” Pandora stations.
IMG_2664What She Says:
What doesn’t she say? Girlfriend keeps a running commentary on everything happening in her life. She constantly amazes us with her vocabulary and is stringing phrases together. Some of our current favorites:
“Oopsy daisy!”
“Fingamo!” (flamingo)
“Put riiiiight there.” (as she puts anything, anywhere)
“Jees-yus (Jesus) tooting. Mommy tooting. Daddy tooting. NorBeff tooting.” (you know, one of those signature moments in parenting is deciding what to call bathroom outcomes… we had been saying “tinkle” and “poop,” but NB changed that to “tinkle” and “tooting,” which is way better, in our opinion. She’ll pretend to strain and say, “oooh. poop.” We’ll ask if she’s pooped, and she’ll answer, “No! NorBeff tooting!”)
“OOOOOKAY!” (she frequently employs the word “no,” but instead of saying “yes,” she answers affirmatively with “okay!”)
“Sadie! Calm down!” (her answer when we ask her what Knox or Sadie says.)
“Oh mercy!” and “Ooooo buddy!”
“Pwease… dank you!”
“I down!” (as smart as this bean is, she refers to “down” as any direction she would like to go.)
“Wallies” (what she calls her loveys.)
IMG_2487What She’s Like:
Our best little bud is truly a sturdy ball of sunshine. She is a certified Mommy’s girl through and through. She is goofy and hilarious and serious and scarily smart. While she is starting to enter true toddlerhood and beginning to test boundaries, so far we haven’t experienced many meltdowns, but have had to set consequences for throwing food off the high chair or spilling water out of the bathtub (typically removing her from the tub or high chair). We’re also working to help set expectations for her, “This is the last song we’re watching, okay?” “OKAY!” then if she gets upset, “What did Mommy say?” “Last song! Okay!” then we move on with our day. She is an excellent rule follower, “What is the only thing we color on?” “PAPER!” She loves to be called a “big helper,” and has readily started cleaning up her toys when prompted.
IMG_2540Upcoming Milestones:
We’re planning to start potty training in the next few weeks and will also be teaching her “yes ma’am,” “no ma’am,” “yes sir,” and “no sir.” We’ll also be moving her into the crib in her new big girl room in a couple of months as we prep the new nursery. We’ve also been encouraging her to help us say her prayers each need, and she enjoys “fold hands,” and saying, “amen.”
IMG_2605Nora Beth,
You are the answer to every prayer we have ever prayed, and so much more than we knew to pray for. Thank you for teaching us how to love, and thank you for showing us what it feels like to be loved without question. We will most certainly fail you and let you down, but there is nothing about who you are that will ever fail us. You are joy personified, and it is our greatest privilege to watch you grow and develop. Every day is our favorite because every day for the rest of our days feature you. Never doubt your beauty, your gifts, your magnificence and our love for you.
Mommy + Daddy

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