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Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + HT

“What do you want for lunch today, Nora B?”
“Shrimp. Raw meat.”

Unfortunately (fortunately), this meal plan doesn’t deliver either of those, but a trip to Costco and a round up a couple of other key ingredients may make something even better.

Oh, also, I have not gotten into the Chopt hype around time. I’d been a couple of times, and it was, you know, fine, but not life changing. Until I remembered my obsession for Cheesecake Factory’s (yes, you read that right) appetizer chopped salad, AND realized that I could recreate that at Chopt. Follow my lead and make a copyChopt version of it with:
– Romaine
– Apples
– Corn
– Goat cheese
– Grilled chicken
– Tomatoes
– Bacon
– Avocado
– Balsamic vinaigrette
14231886_10210127021989960_1672296611351207587_oWhat We’re Eating:
Cheater Pho – I’ve already made this twice this week. It is SO easy and so satisfying. I bulk up my broth with some rice vinegar, two beef bouillon cubes, lime juice, and Sambal Oleyek… I don’t think it’s necessary, but I happen to have those on hand, and we love the added flavor. Also, David smoked some chuck roast, and we served it thin sliced on this soup. Also, I used ramen this go-round, because #cheap.
Tacos – I have tried to make some fancy, gourmet tacos in the past, but my guy just likes them purist-style.
Chicken Parmesan Pasta
Smoked Ribeye Burritos – upcycling that smoked meat by turning it into some type of burrito
One Pot Spaghetti + Eggs
Cajun Chicken Pasta or Cajun Chicken Pot

This is a pasta-heavy week, which we don’t tend to do, but, eh, YOLO or whatevs.

Harris Teeter:
HT crushed tomatoes: $1.49 x 2
HT diced fire roasted tomatoes: $1.19 x 3
Italian seasoning: $1.79
Taco shells: $1.99 x 2
Chicken stock: $2.49 x 4
Frontera taco sauce: $2.69
HT taco seasoning: $0.69 x 2
HT penne: $1.39 x 2
HT spaghetti: $1.39 x 2
Rice noodles: $4.99 (I actually meant to not get these)
HT chocolate chips: $2.39
HT flour: $1.47
HT sugar: $2.79
Vanilla Coke Zero: $6.99 x 5 (hey-o, the best VIC deal of the decade is this week… buy 2, get 3 free on soda 12-packs)
Heavy cream: $1.99
HT Greek yogurt: $1.00 x 10 (these were $8 for 10. Okay.)
Milk (whole and skim): $2.69 x 2
Tortillas: $3.19
Onions: $2.97
Boneless skinless chicken breasts: $6.91 (for 3)
Limes: $0.33 x 2
Garlic: $0.59 x 2
Cilantro: $1.49
Total: $90.87
VIC Savings: $29.88

Costco (we go to Costco every 6ish week for a protein stock-up and doesn’t reflect this meal plan, but I wanted to share what a typical trip looks like to help keep our other weekly trip costs down):
Chocolate-covered almonds: $11.99
Pepperidge Farm 15 grain bread (2-pack): $4.89
Goat cheese log (2-pack): $6.79
Hummus trio: $6.39
5 cheese tortellini (2-pack): $9.99 (these are the best tortellini. The best.)
Fresh mozzarella (16 oz.): $4.39
G.H. Cretor’s popcorn mix: $5.79
Kale salad mix: $4.99
Red grapefruit cups: $9.99
Pineapple: $2.99
Bananas: $1.39
Madras lentil packs (8): $9.99
Blackberries: $4.49
Reya naan: $4.49 (NB loves helping me make pizzas out of these)
Aussie bites: $9.99 (she calls these muffins, but we all love them for a quick snack)
Flank steak: $21.92
Avocados: $6.99
Black beans (8 pack): $6.79
Tomato basil sauce (2 jar pack): $6.99
Chicken thighs (a helluva lot): $11.16
Total: $152.28

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