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Five on Friday: Miscellany

Pulling myself out of my blogging funk to link up with some of my favorite bloggers for Five on Friday. This week is a real jumble!
5 on Friday1. August 70.3
Last weekend we had the pleasure of trekking to Augusta, GA, to watch my mom compete in her first ever half Ironman. It was hot, sweaty and exhausting… and that was just the spectating. What my mom accomplished is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s been a grueling year for her in more ways than one, and I was in tears watching her cross the finish line and then giving her a hug afterward.
img_30542. Skip-Bo
Part of our spectating journey led us to kill some time quietly in hotel rooms while urging Nora Beth to sleep. I found very old boxes of Phase 10 and Skip-Bo at home and tossed them in my bag before we left, thinking we might end up enjoying a hand. One hand of Skip-Bo has turned into approximately 432 since Saturday night. We can’t get enough and have eschewed mindless binge watching for battling it out over cards at dinner. Huge thanks to Christina for the game night inspiration!
appaddict_wordpress_icon_images_512x5123. Hall Family Farm
David is rarely off on weekends, so we try to maximize the random weekdays he’s off. This week’s landed on a Friday, which was ideal. We headed about 20 minutes down the road to Hall Family Farm for the morning and had a blast. Nora Beth LOVED the animals (pigs, roosters and goats), picked out 3 small pumpkins and ran herself ragged in the kids’ play area. We’ll definitely be planning some friend time there again soon!
img_31214. This Week’s Meal Plan
We’re sticking to our budget and working to clear a stockpile of frozen proteins out of the way to make room for pre-frozen meals when baby girl 2.0 makes her debut in a few months. We did just that with this week’s meals, which were delicious across the board:
– Smoked whole chicken with bacon, spinach, goat cheese and pine nut spaghetti squash
– Salt and pepper salmon with hot ginger and peach jam glaze with feta wild rice salad (I just seared the salmon in a cast iron skillet then topped it with some jam we had on hand and let it glaze down. Delicious. But the star was this wild rice salad.)
Sussex beef using frozen flank steak from Costco (the best pricing on flank steak that I’ve found.)
Thai pork curry. We’ve made this a handful of times, and the sauce is just bath-worthy. We use whatever vegetables we have laying around, which this week was jalapeño, carrots and parsnips (they have made a lovely toddler meal side dish, too.).
White chicken chili. I’m sure everyone has a recipe they love, but this was my first time trying this, and I just cleared my bowl while we watch Designated Survivor. I topped each bowl with a sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of sour cream.
– I’m planning on making this weird little soup tomorrow, though our fridge is bursting with leftovers.

5. Encouragement
Always. Charlotte hasn’t been making the best impression in the media of late, but I believe this with all of my heart, and I believe in this great city.

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