A Celebration

On Saturday morning, a group of my most prized friends and family gathered at my mom’s house to celebrate the newest little life who will be joining our family in January (and of course I forgot to get pictures of everyone!). It was a beautiful morning, and we were blown away by the generosity and love that were lavished on us. We missed everyone who wasn’t able to make it, but we had so much fun with those who were there. Thank you, thank you to Anna Beth (my sister) and Ann (my precious friend) for hosting such a perfect shower. And thanks to Nora Beth for holding court and bossing around her friends Frances and Tilly.

Things left to do:
– Name her
– Finishing cleaning out the closet of NB’s new big girl room, move her nursery art, transition her
– Sort through NB’s old itty, bitty clothes and hang up in the nursery closet
– Hang new nursery art and rearrange nursery furniture
– Finishing purchasing the gear we need
– Make a few Busy Boxes for NB
– Probably a million other things
img_3362 img_3380 img_3381 img_3382 img_3383 img_3384 img_4918img_3366

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