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Five on Friday

Whew! It has been such a funky week. Hours after my lovely, lovely shower I found myself turning inside out over the toilet. While I experienced a lot of nausea in the first trimester of all of my pregnancies, I had never thrown up, and to you mamas who deal with vomiting throughout your pregnancy, I salute you. 28 weeks + 9 hours of violent voms = misery. It finally subsided around 4:30 Sunday morning, and thankfully David closed on Sunday, allowing me to spend the morning trying to recover. Over the course of the week all 3 of us shared this aggressive and swift-moving little bug, and it was the first time Nora Beth had thrown up. What a pitiful, pitiful sight to see! Thankfully by Thursday, everyone was back to normal, and we’re looking forward to a weekend making up for lost time. So with that pleasant intro, here’s a look at my Five on Friday (thanks to April, Christina and Natasha for hosting!)
5 on Friday1. Breakfast Meal Prep
Growing up, my mom always had breakfast ready for us in the mornings before school. She would switch it up among oatmeal, cereal, scrambled eggs, biscuits, Toasters Strudels (aaaah, the life!) and waffles, and that small act has really stuck with me as a mom. Nora Beth would be bereft not to start each morning with a cup of yogurt and some fruit, but I like to give her some surprise fun options like French toast, muffins, waffles (Davey’s specialty) or pancakes. Every couple of weeks after she goes to bed, and we eat dinner, I’ll spend a little time prepping a fun breakfast to keep between the fridge and freezer for a handful of breakfasts. This week’s was French toast (plus THIS for me, which is an old favorite that had been out of rotation for far too long).
2. A Week Without a Meal Plan
Between the shower and sickness, I just never got a meal plan together for our week. Thankfully we keep enough proteins, produce and grocery staples on-hand that we can usually put together some decent meals without relying on takeout. Tonight, though, I so wanted to hit the easy button, but a difference of opinion between pizza and sushi, plus a joint decision that we didn’t need to spend money just because we were feeling tired, led to these taco salads. I first made them a couple of weeks ago and sneaked one into D’s lunch box. He texted me that afternoon, “I did NOT want to eat this salad, but OMG, it’s amazing!” It SO hit the spot tonight with just as much ease as sitting on hold and repeating my order 14 times and for way less.
– Ground meat of choice + 1 envelope taco seasoning + 1/2 envelope Fajita seasoning (optional, but I like it this way)
– Lettuce
– Shredded cheese
– Black beans
– Corn
– Salsa
Assemble and top with Hint of Lime tortilla chips, crushed (if desired) and THE best dressing… Marie’s Chipotle Ranch.
3. A Big Girl Room
The primary thing on my to-do list is to get Nora Beth’s big girl room set up and ready to go. My mom’s coming over to help me (read: give me the kick I need) get it tackled. On the agenda: moving the art from her nursery, swapping out closets (which meeeeans cleaning out the current closet from all of my junk), and picking up some bedding for the full bed in the room. I shopped Target this evening and was really impressed by the Pillowfort line of bedding. I think this is the winner, though!
502841334. Get Janes!
I’ve been thinking through what else we need to do before baby girl’s arrival in about 11 weeks, and one of them is to make a list for our hospital bag. When we had Nora Beth, we WAY overpacked. Thankfully, we lacked for nothing, but between the snacks and the wine (no, really), and the blankets and pillows… it was just outrageous. We’ll pare down the list this go-round, but one really exciting new addition to my bag will be my Jane. My friends at Get Janes sent me a personalized Jane, and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it at the hospital (and afterward!). It is so soft, cozy and sweet. In fact, “too often, medical professionals overlook the impact of vulnerability on patient confidence and self-advocacy; our warm, lightweight knit fabric and wrap closure provide total comfort and minimize exposure.” I’ll be proud to be wrapped in my Jane. To learn more or to get one for yourself or a loved one, click here!
5. It’s Friday, y’all.
Strap yourselves in, get pushed around Target, and force your way into a Chobani yogurt (“WOW! NorBeff finger broke bogirk! Nice tweet, NorBeff… yeah!”)… or a bottle of your favorite wine. Whichever strikes your fancy. Happy weekend!!

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