The Mind of a Toddler


I find my brain feeling like it’s been run through a Vitamix these days. I mean, not in a bad way, entirely… who doesn’t love a nice whirl through a power appliance? I started two separate to-do lists on Sunday… a professional one (eek!) and a personal one (even more eek!). Things on my personal to-do list included, “Find planner. Use it.” Super solid (and has not yet been crossed off) and “Find baby book.” Also has not yet been crossed off.

I really did an impressive job documenting NB’s first 9 months in writing in a notebook, and then I sort of misplaced it and also fell out of rhythm with it. And then it sort of got too far gone to catch up. Plus I post nearly daily on Instagram and feel like I digitally capture her life pretty well (am I just telling myself this as a justification?), but I love that my mom so carefully documented our early years, and we regularly look through our baby books to compare notes to where my girls are vs. what we were like at comparable ages. I would hate to have nothing written for little Annablair.


Anywho. Until I can put my paws on that book… and then subsequently add, “Open baby book. Write stuff.” on my list, I wanted to document some of the things that spring from Nora Beth’s mind, out of her mouth, and into our ears on the daily. I’ve mentioned it probably an obnoxious amount of times here, but tiny girlfriend narrates her entire life, and I never want to forget this precociously adorable and sweet phase of her life.
7a625cbe-34a8-4b94-8679-2cf0d3f4ecb4“Oh my goodness golly gosh! Dere is a little dinosaur wooking at me!” – NB’s backseat commentary. There was no dinosaur present anywhere in our car.

“Byyyyye! I go to ‘lanta! (my sister and her fiancé live in Atlanta, and she’s been once… is very obsessed with “going” there)”
“Who are you going to see?”
“Burnth!” (my sister’s fiance Burns, who she is also obsessed with)
“What are you going to do with Burns?”
“We gon’ play tooooooys. Watch TVeeeee… build Legos… NorBeff and Burnth.”

“Mommy scream and scare da worms!” (this is some weird new car activity where she likes me to scream and scare some unknown worms that exist some unknown place)
“Mommy scream woud!”
“You scream, Nora Beth.”

“Nora Beth, it’s time to get out of the shower.”
“No no no, Mommy, I gotta wotta stuff ta do in here t’day.”

“Bye, Mommy! I go to work. Gotta check my email.”

“HI! How you doin’ a’day? I gweat!” (this is repeated about 42,000 times a day right now, and it’s the best.)

“AmBef buy a sweating dress!” (translated to: Anna Beth bought a wedding dress.)
“What are you going to be?”
“Flower dress! Flower gull!”
“What are you going to do with the flowers?”
“Gwo dem.”

“Ann-bware smell like mulk. Mommy smell like mulk. Yucky.”

“Ann-bware eating Mommy’s nipple!!!” (careful what anatomy you teach a 2 year old while you’re breastfeeding.)

“Mommy tinkle in da potty!! Yay, Mommy!! Get a Hershey Kiss!!” (she is very, very treat-motivated with her potty training, and apparently very encouraging of her loved one’s potty training too.)

“I WUV dis Je-wo, mama! I found it!!” (after I discovered her shoveling 3 week old Jello out of the trashcan with her hands. No, really, please come enjoy a meal with us. We love sanitation here.)

“OH MY GOODNESS!” (which could literally be triggered by anything.)

“NorBeff have cwying feelings a’day.”

“Yo’kay, Madewine?” (anytime poor Madeline finds herself on the ground.)

“No go church a’day. All finished Jesus.”

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