Tastes + Treats

All-Di Things

It’s no secret that I’m a power user of Aldi. I love inserting my quarter, pulling out a cart and pursuing those potentially stressful box lined aisles. Typically I’m there toting both girls and playing Tetris in my cart, but a couple of Sundays ago, I had the chance to shop with just Annablair snuggled up to my chest. It was probably not a coincidence that I came home with $130 worth of goods. Hmmm.

Here’s a look at what I bought (my favorites are bolded):
– Whole wheat bread
– Thin sliced chicken breast
– Bananas
– 2% milk
– Regular chicken breasts
Sweet potatoes (I’m on a mega roasted sweet potato kick right now)
– Onions
– Biscuits
– Pepperoni
Honeysuckle candle (there is nothing I love more than a honeysuckle candle, and this bad boy was just $3.99. I should have picked up several but am pleading to the Aldi gods that they have more in stock)
– Black beans
– Chicken broth
– Pineapple
– Mandarin oranges
Smoked salmon (this is maybe in the top 3 of NB’s favorite food, and at just $3.49, it is the best price I’ve found anywhere)
– Skim milk
– Cannellini beans
– Baby lettuce
Dried berries (I love this mix of cranberries, cherries and blueberries)
– Prosciutto
– Corn tortillas
– Ground turkey
– Cauliflower
Mini dark chocolate bars (I keep these in my freezer for a sugar attack… or daily consumption. Whichever.)
Green beans (I am also on a roasted green bean kick. I roast them until they are nearly charred, and they eat like green bean fries)
– Spring mix
– Avocados
– Cookies & Cream ice cream (’cause breastfeeding?)
Greek yogurt (assorted flavors. NB’s current favorite is key lime pie. Okay.)
– Zucchini
Whole roasted cashews
– Landshut pinot grigio 
– Flirty Bird red blend
– Red pepper pesto
– Butterkase sliced cheese
– Naturally creamy peanut butter
– Broccoli crowns
– Mangos
– Radishes
– Brown sugar
– Crumbled feta
– Raspberries
– Grape tomatoes
– Mini cucumbers
– Old fashioned oats
– Shredded mozzarella
– Exotic veggie chips (these are crack. Healthy-ish crack.)
– Carrots

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