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My Recent Haul’di

This weekend the girlies and I trekked to Knoxville in order to celebrate my sister and her fiancé at their very first wedding shower. It was such a pleasure to toast to their impending nuptials, and we were so glad we got to be a part of such a special night.

But, I have two small children, so naturally the weekend was not without incident. A few highlights included:
1. Being walloped by a deer while driving down a main road in Charlotte on Saturday morning (???)
2. A carsick toddler “frowing up alllll over da car. Dat was not nice, frow up,” as we pulled into the shower (praise the Lord for a mother training for a half Ironman who had a beach towel on hand and a car that looks like an episode of Hoarders which produced a backup outfit)
3. A very rainy trip to the zoo with both littles in tow
4. Nursing one child in a country Wendy’s while the other tried to eat ketchup off the floor
5. A return trip that took 6.5 hours rather than the anticipated 4 thanks to an overturned asphalt truck
6. Pulling over on the interstate shoulder to fish out infant Tylenol but resorting to dipping a paci into the meds since I couldn’t procure the syringe
I laughed the entire way home. Because truly, despite the mayhem, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This chaos was exactly what I prayed for, and I relish it. I also relish my bath at the end of the day. And a return to a normal routine.

And one of my favorite normal routine items: A trip to Aldi. You knew it was coming.

A few weeks ago, my mom kept Nora Beth, so Annablair and I could meander Aldi a little more leisurely. Although I typically stick to $100 a week on groceries, my receipt totaled $133 on this trip. Here’s a look at my substantial haul(di).

Mangos – $0.49 each
Broccoli crowns – $1.39
Greek yogurt – $0.69 each (and thankfully they had tons of lime. NB is cuh-razy for key lime yogurt, which she calls “wine” yogurt causing me to spend my mornings trying to figure out how to concoct actual wine yogurt)
Sweet potato chips – $1.99 (these are amazing)
Yogurt raisins – $1.89 (these were a toddler snack experiment that crashed and burned)
Green beans – $1.49 (still addicted to the char roasted beans I make nearly daily)
Whole wheat tortillas – $1.39
Grape tomatoes – $1.89
Honey – $2.99
Brussels sprouts – $1.99
Exotic veggie chips – $2.79 (also unreal. They’re exotic, after all)
Spinach – $1.49
Avocados – $0.79 each
Blackberries – $2.99
Caramel rice cakes – $1.99
Basmati rice – $1.99
Blue cheese – $1.99
Mini cucumbers – $1.99
Squash – $1.99
Sweet potatoes – $1.79 (bag of 4)
Fingerling potatoes – $2.99
Oats – $2.39
Cilantro – $0.79
Celery – $1.19
Garlic – $0.79
Unsalted pistachios – $3.99 (foiled. I thought these were salted.)
Dried cherries – $2.49
Skirt steak – $7.14 (this was an unreal deal)
Strawberries – $2.29
Eggs – $0.55
Flirty Bird Sauvignon Blanc – $3.99 (so good. Especially for that price)
Chicken broth – $1.39
Black beans – $0.59
Pineapple – $1.19
Chopped pecans – $4.99
Shredded cheddar – $2.69
Chocolate chips – $1.79
Garlic salt – $1.19
LaCura night cream – $3.89 (thank you to my friend Beth who recommended this)
Chicken thighs – $3.61
Chicken breasts – $4.83
Blue cheese dressing – $1.29
Ranch dressing mix – $0.49
Cumin – $1.19
Skim milk – $2.49
Bananas – $0.82
Onions – $1.49
Frozen edamame – $1.69 (thanks to this post, I just remembered I had these)
Frozen corn – $0.95
Ground turkey – $3.29
Limes – $1.29
2% milk – $2.49
Total: $133.85

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