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Shock and Awe’ldi

I have about 14 blog posts drafted. Most circle around ridiculous things that Nora Beth has said and the angelic sweetness of Annablair. But apparently, the only posts I’m capable of publishing these days are spiritually focused or about groceries. So. Maybe groceries are a spiritual experience for me. Maybe not.

I shop a week ahead of my Pots & Plans customers to test out recipes, ease of cooking and cost of groceries. This week, we skipped church (oops… but you know that spiritual grocery shopping), and I took NB with me to shop while David snuggled at home with Annablair. Our neighborhood Aldi is now closed for renovations, and Sunday was its last open day. I thought we’d score a lot there, but we arrived to bare shelves, no meat, no dairy and just a smattering of produce. We hoofed it to another location, which had already been renovated, and left me even more excited for our new space. Nora Beth was an excellent helper and desperately wanted to eat raw jalapeños in the buggy. That spicy little minx.

Here’s a look at what I got for $98.48 to create 2 breakfasts, 5 dinner entrees, and a week of lunches.

Tomato Sauce (3 cans) – $0.25 each
Greek yogurt (3 tubs) – $0.40 each
Mini sweet bell peppers (1 bag) – $2.79
Butter – $2.59
Shredded colby jack – $1.89
Brussels sprouts – $1.99
Broccoli crowns (2 bags) – $1.39 each
Cauliflower – $2.29
Mini marshmallows – $0.89 (these are THE BEST potty training reward)
Pistachios – $6.49
Basmati brown rice – $2.99
Dried mixed berries – $2.49
Tropical fruit bowls – $1.69
Green pea crisps – $1.39
Root veggie chips – $2.79
Beefsteak tomatoes – $1.69 (package of 2)
Avocados – $0.99 each
Salsa – $1.49
Sour cream – $1.19
Refried beans – $0.75
Frozen black bean burgers – $2.49
Bananas – $0.44/lb.
Fire roasted diced tomatoes (2 cans) – $0.89 each
Ground turkey (2 frozen packages) – $1.89 each
Granola packages (4) – $0.99 (I got the vanilla almond flavor, and it is divine. Especially on chocolate chia pudding)
Black beans (2 cans) – $0.59 each
Visalia onions (large bag) – $1.49
Slivered almonds – $2.99
Jalapeno peppers (package of 4) – $0.99
Smoked salmon – $3.49 (NB’s favorite)
Chocolate chips – $1.79
Okra – $1.79
Sweet potatoes (bag of 6) – $1.79
Chipotles in adobo (1 can) – $0.99
Ground beef (2 frozen packages) – $2.99 ea.
Crumbled feta – $1.49
Baby shampoo – $2.49
Mangos (2) – $0.49 each
Spanish olives (1 jar) – $1.19
Rocky road ice cream – $2.39 (mama needs a treat, okay)
Red grapes – $1.49/lb.
Grape tomatoes – $1.89
Total: $98.48

To complete my weekly purchases, I did need to grab $10 worth of things at Publix, and I had some chicken thighs in my freezer. But Aldi is my ride or die (am I using that term correctly? Do people say that?), and I’m always amazed how well I can stock my pantry, fridge and freezer with staples and new treats on a shoestring. This haul did include more snack foods than I typically get, but I’m using quite a few sitters for an upcoming BUSY couple of weeks of work, and I’m always dismayed when they arrive to have to say, “ummm, there are some nice Brussels sprouts you can roast, or you can turn those beans, tomatoes and avocado into a lovely salad…)

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