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Recipe Rundown

Winter weather is on the horizon, which is about to mean several days inside with my team of squirrelies. After an annual Christmas happy hour with my mom tonight, I swung by Publix for our essentials (yogurt and bananas…?) and also picked up some watercolor paint, finger paint, and markers for lots of inside play this weekend. We have boxes of gifts hidden in David’s closet, so I’m anticipating fishing out lots of empty cardboard for imagination play.

And lots of cooking and baking together.

Here’s what we’ve been chowing on the last couple of weeks.

Pumpkin Tahini Loaf – Loved this lightly sweet bread that doesn’t taste like cake. This is definitely on the list to remake during the ice and snow.
Multigrain waffles – can’t stop.
Cranberry brie stuffed bread – I used leftover Thanksgiving cranberry sauce for this yummy snack bread! You could also use your favorite jam, I think.
Ginger marinated butternut squash – this was a really different side for Thanksgiving, but it was a great twist on typical roasted butternut squash, and I really enjoyed it.

Short rib pot pie – this is luscious! I feeeeel like I’ve developed an allergy to beef (?!), but it was worth the itchy throat for this. Confession: I didn’t actually use short ribs due to cost, but I did use a top round or chuck roast, using the same method and recommend it.
Moussaka shepherd’s pie – yessssss. One of my all-time cold weather favorites, that I would make every week, if possible. Save yourself some hassle and buy some premade mashed potatoes.
Sausage stuffed spaghetti squash – so full of veggies, and tastes so delicious and perfectly filling. I highly recommend making this soon!
Easy chicken parmesan recipe – Comes as advertised! Comforting, quick, easy and delicious.
Everything Greek pork pitas – I love making a huge batch of meat like these pork pitas and remixing the leftovers all week. Chopped salads and pitas were the name of the game, and I froze about half the meat for later. Big win.
One pot chicken stroganoff – a big win with all ages in my house!
Samosa pie – Pie seems to be the name of the last few weeks, and I. am. here. for it. I usually make this with puff pastry but made it with a pie crust this go-round. It never fails and is delicious all the time.
Slow cooker chicken fajita soup – I make this all the time in the winter, and every time I take it to a friend, they follow up with, “this is the best soup EVER. Recipe?” It’s the easiest ever, too.
Pesto and four cheese spaghetti squash – if savory pies for the hero this month, spaghetti squash was the sidekick. I was shocked by how much the girls loved this dish… particularly Nora Beth. Will absolutely make again.
Brussels sprouts caesar – this was an excellent addition to the Thanksgiving table that also made a delicious lunch afterward.
One pot chicken and sage dumplings – file this under easy, delicious comfort food.
Slow cooker chipotle chicken tamale chili – admittedly I’m not the biggest chili fan. When I’m in the mood, nothing hits the spot better, but otherwise, it’s fine. This was a nice change up.

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