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A Prayer for My Children

I wish my prayers for my children were as simple as choosing a “life verse” for them, assigning it thusly and praying it over and over them. It seems too simplistic and yet too overwhelming a task to choose a single passage to assign a child as his or her life goals. At the same time, I can’t help… Continue reading A Prayer for My Children

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When the Hope is Hard

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Which is nice in its sentiment, but for those of us walking through the wild wilderness of infertility, we’re aware every single pulse and breath of every single second. Always, always, always aware. Mother’s Day is in 11 days. I expected to be nearly a mother of two… Continue reading When the Hope is Hard

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My Go To Worship Songs

I struggle with prayer. I make no secret of that. I’ve even tried to write a blog post about it, but every attempt feels too small, too arrogant, too ignorant. I am always incredibly thankful for the medium of worship to communicate with the Lord, particularly when my prayers feel the most unwieldy. It’s difficult to… Continue reading My Go To Worship Songs