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Where Our Babies Come From: Rd. 3

We have been overwhelmed with the well wishes following our news that we’re expecting baby #3! Frankly, I needed to announce it so it would start to feel more real to me. I still can’t quite believe that I’m pregnant. With a human baby. Unlike our first 2 babies, this little bean was a total… Continue reading Where Our Babies Come From: Rd. 3

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The Space Between Miracles

On January 5, 2017, we joyously welcomed Annablair Emory Arey into our hearts, arms and lives.  Undoubtedly this beautiful girl is a miracle. I love the Psalmist who describes the Lord knitting her form together inside of me. I just picture these supernatural knitting needles carefully and gently lifting and weaving each divinely-breathed thread and… Continue reading The Space Between Miracles

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Where the Pain Goes

October 15th marked pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. It’s a day that has always played around my periphery as we walked through infertility, but I never expected to commemorate it in my own heart like I did this year. I constantly wrestle with how much to talk about the loss of that baby… it’s fresh… Continue reading Where the Pain Goes

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Where Our Babies Come From: Rd. 2

When we announced we were pregnant with Nora Beth almost exactly 2 years to the day that we announced our pregnancy with this new little sprout, I shared a bit about our process with IUI here (note to self: make that chicken again soon). Some parts of our journey (how very Bachelorette of me) were… Continue reading Where Our Babies Come From: Rd. 2

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When the Hope is Hard

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Which is nice in its sentiment, but for those of us walking through the wild wilderness of infertility, we’re aware every single pulse and breath of every single second. Always, always, always aware. Mother’s Day is in 11 days. I expected to be nearly a mother of two… Continue reading When the Hope is Hard

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A Practical Guide to Infertility

Every day I wish I could be more articulate about infertility without sounding self-aggrandizing, self-pitying or self-righteous. I don’t think I can express what infertility is like without weaving lots and lots of words and metaphors and analogies, but the day to day reality of walking through infertility is different than that. While my faith makes… Continue reading A Practical Guide to Infertility

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Uprooted In The Garden

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me all that much that God has an affinity for gardens. In Scripture He uses gardens to signify new beginnings, but they are also fertile soil for sweet, poignant pain. From Eden where Creation, in its purest form, was birthed, and where the Creator was betrayed by the ones He… Continue reading Uprooted In The Garden