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The Space Between Miracles

On January 5, 2017, we joyously welcomed Annablair Emory Arey into our hearts, arms and lives.  Undoubtedly this beautiful girl is a miracle. I love the Psalmist who describes the Lord knitting her form together inside of me. I just picture these supernatural knitting needles carefully and gently lifting and weaving each divinely-breathed thread and… Continue reading The Space Between Miracles

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Full Hearts, Full Plates

Nora Bethy gets funnier and more delightful with every passing day. We literally cannot get enough of her, and she packs so much personality in every single expression and word. She is crazy smart… like, I’m not bragging about it, we’re literally terrified of how smart she is. Here’s a handful of her latest quips… Continue reading Full Hearts, Full Plates


Makin’ It Work (From Home) 2.0

In February, I wrote a post about what it had been like to work from home for a year. In September, I was interviewed for Charlotte Parent Magazine about the same topic. And now it’s almost November, and in just a couple of months I’ll be tackling the new challenge of making it work (from home) with a… Continue reading Makin’ It Work (From Home) 2.0

Have Faith · Infertility · Motherhood

Where the Pain Goes

October 15th marked pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. It’s a day that has always played around my periphery as we walked through infertility, but I never expected to commemorate it in my own heart like I did this year. I constantly wrestle with how much to talk about the loss of that baby… it’s fresh… Continue reading Where the Pain Goes


For the Good of Those: Emory

Romans 8:28 is a simple enough platitude, comforting us to know that God “works all things to the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Typically, in the deepest valleys we find ourselves meditating on the word “all,” fortifying ourselves with the knowledge that every single thing we… Continue reading For the Good of Those: Emory