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It Sounded Like a Good Idea… to Start a Podcast! (+ A Recipe Rundown)

We started a podcast! Last week, my friend Hannah and I excitedly launched “It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time,” a fresh, in-the-trenches dialogue about womanhood and motherhood from decidedly non-experts. Our goal is to provide topical conversation without presuming to make suggestions for ways to improve your life. As neighbors and moms… Continue reading It Sounded Like a Good Idea… to Start a Podcast! (+ A Recipe Rundown)

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Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

On Thursday afternoon I was trying to convince Nora Beth to silently watch a show while Annablair and Jane Ellis snoozed, so that I could also silently lay still and nap-ish. At 1:30, all of the power went out, prompting Nora Beth to cry, “Does dis mean we have to get a new house?!” and… Continue reading Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

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On Our Plates v. 82031

Doing my meal planning and grocery shopping in 2-week chunks with a smaller weekly supplement of our essentials has really been working well. It allows me to do the main shopping in one swoop at a more traditional Publix or Harris Teeter while making regular Aldi and Costco restocks for our favorites, without feeling like… Continue reading On Our Plates v. 82031

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What’s On Our Plates

I posted this to my Instastories the other night, but after a particularly frantic week that included a full-day work conference, a batch of hand, foot & mouth, juggling and piecemealing childcare and our typical 3-girly household I just needed to announce it: However you are “Momming,” whether it’s out-of-the-home work, working-from-home, staying home, a… Continue reading What’s On Our Plates