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Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

On Thursday afternoon I was trying to convince Nora Beth to silently watch a show while Annablair and Jane Ellis snoozed, so that I could also silently lay still and nap-ish. At 1:30, all of the power went out, prompting Nora Beth to cry, “Does dis mean we have to get a new house?!” and… Continue reading Recipe Rundown: In the Dark Edition

Motherhood · Tastes + Treats

On Our Plates v. 82031

Doing my meal planning and grocery shopping in 2-week chunks with a smaller weekly supplement of our essentials has really been working well. It allows me to do the main shopping in one swoop at a more traditional Publix or Harris Teeter while making regular Aldi and Costco restocks for our favorites, without feeling like… Continue reading On Our Plates v. 82031

Motherhood · Tastes + Treats

What’s On Our Plates

I posted this to my Instastories the other night, but after a particularly frantic week that included a full-day work conference, a batch of hand, foot & mouth, juggling and piecemealing childcare and our typical 3-girly household I just needed to announce it: However you are “Momming,” whether it’s out-of-the-home work, working-from-home, staying home, a… Continue reading What’s On Our Plates

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A New Approach to Meal Planning

Our world brightened even more on June 20th when Jane Ellis Arey entered the world quickly, easily and peacefully. She has been an absolute dream (which I hope to share more about later), and while I was intimidated by the transition of 2 to 3 girlies in our house, she has helped make it nearly… Continue reading A New Approach to Meal Planning