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A “Lidl” Crush

Guys… shhhh… don’t tell Aldi. But, there’s some competition for my heart. Enter: Lidl. It’s liiiike Ikea meets Harris Teeter meets Costco meets Aldi. And it’s good. Really good. Maybe not better, but change is nice sometimes. The closest Aldi is 8 minutes from me, and the closest Lidl is 25 minutes, so although geographically,… Continue reading A “Lidl” Crush

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Zucchini Chia Pancakes

On my best days, I tend to picture myself as an Oscar winning Reese Witherspoon… glowing and ethereal in my gown and thanking those who helped me reach the pinnacle of success. On my worst days, I picture myself a shade above an umbrella wielding, bald Britney Spears. Most days, I settle for any celeb… Continue reading Zucchini Chia Pancakes

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Shock and Awe’ldi

I have about 14 blog posts drafted. Most circle around ridiculous things that Nora Beth has said and the angelic sweetness of Annablair. But apparently, the only posts I’m capable of publishing these days are spiritually focused or about groceries. So. Maybe groceries are a spiritual experience for me. Maybe not. I shop a week… Continue reading Shock and Awe’ldi

Tastes + Treats

Gluten-Friendly (and Toddler Approved) Flourless Energy Bars

Whew. Is that the longest title in the world for a snack or breakfast so simple? Probably. But these little bars pack a lot of punch. I could just simplify things and call them Good Bars, and the result would be about the same. As I have mentioned, I am no food photographer (but my… Continue reading Gluten-Friendly (and Toddler Approved) Flourless Energy Bars