Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Cups

Yesterday started well enough with a quick appointment and a warm, melty Owen’s Bagel (Lincoln Pork on whole wheat, please and thank you). A second appointment, which should have taken less than an hour, lasted closer to four. By the by, nothing that a Cadbury egg couldn’t fix. After NB’s afternoon nap, we decided to… Continue reading Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Cups


Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + The Fresh Market

I’m experimenting this week and getting cuh-razy. Just consider Brighmoor Dr. akin to Cabo Spring Break 2005, bitches! (that is a joke… the rowdiest place I have ever been was a club in college that I specifically bought a pink, sequined tube top for. I went very intentionally to ride the mechanical bull because I… Continue reading Grocery Budget Breakdown: Costco + The Fresh Market


The Garlic in the Chocolate

My least favorite kitchen activity is mincing garlic. My favorite treat is a Cadbury Cream egg. Okay. I hate, hate chopping garlic. Basically because I’m terrible at it. I don’t have knife skills, and when I have to mince it, I end up with a full garlic clove with some knife scores in it. Thankfully… Continue reading The Garlic in the Chocolate


Makin’ It Work (From Home)

The plan was simple… birth baby, maternity leave, return to office. Then, it wasn’t… birth baby, maternity leave, panic-inducing crisis of self, cry, pray, return to office, give notice immediately, stay 4 more weeks, come home, acquire clients, work (mostly) from home and stay (mostly) at home. My career has seen me at Charlotte’s largest… Continue reading Makin’ It Work (From Home)


The Victor

The air was thick, still, offensive. A sticky Louisiana oppression, One pure cry ruptures the night. The first call of a warrior’s procession. She was born a soldier. Mightier than any other August child. Her armor cast by the heavens. Her heart fierce. Love beating wild. She knows her Father. And she knows her Home. An angel in the battlefield, with… Continue reading The Victor


Grocery Budget Breakdown: Trader Joe’s + Target

D and I are not really “Valentine’s people.” We have no doubt about our love for each other and without being too sappy or gag-reflexy, we’d rather have the stability of knowing that year-round instead of once a year. Nonetheless, we had the sweetest weekend! Most weekends NB, “Nina” and I pal around doing menu… Continue reading Grocery Budget Breakdown: Trader Joe’s + Target


A Call to Cease Glorifying the Unglorifiable

Every now and then I attempt a sexy little shimmy and shake for Davey’s benefit. Most of the time he asks me to stop because it makes him uncomfortable and absolutely not attracted to me. Dancing isn’t my gift, admittedly. Asking me to “gyrate,” “undulate,” or “thrust,” would be akin to asking Nora Beth, at… Continue reading A Call to Cease Glorifying the Unglorifiable

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Grocery Budget Breakdown

Before the epic vomitous episode of the wee hours of Monday morning, I did a big grocery haul for the coming week. I had really planned on hitting different stores than Aldi and Publix again, since I routinely also do a bulk of my shopping at Target, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter and sometimes the Stallings’… Continue reading Grocery Budget Breakdown