Grocery Budget Breakdown: Trader Joe’s + Target

D and I are not really “Valentine’s people.” We have no doubt about our love for each other and without being too sappy or gag-reflexy, we’d rather have the stability of knowing that year-round instead of once a year. Nonetheless, we had the sweetest weekend! Most weekends NB, “Nina” and I pal around doing menu… Continue reading Grocery Budget Breakdown: Trader Joe’s + Target


A Call to Cease Glorifying the Unglorifiable

Every now and then I attempt a sexy little shimmy and shake for Davey’s benefit. Most of the time he asks me to stop because it makes him uncomfortable and absolutely not attracted to me. Dancing isn’t my gift, admittedly. Asking me to “gyrate,” “undulate,” or “thrust,” would be akin to asking Nora Beth, at… Continue reading A Call to Cease Glorifying the Unglorifiable

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Grocery Budget Breakdown

Before the epic vomitous episode of the wee hours of Monday morning, I did a big grocery haul for the coming week. I had really planned on hitting different stores than Aldi and Publix again, since I routinely also do a bulk of my shopping at Target, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter and sometimes the Stallings’… Continue reading Grocery Budget Breakdown

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Send a Little Love

I guess you could say that losing makes me sick. And losing the Super Bowl, made us, well, literally sick. I woke up at 1:30 Monday morning with food poisoning. David heard me in the bathroom and came in to comfort me not knowing he’d be back 30 minutes later getting sick himself. We were… Continue reading Send a Little Love

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The Milk + The Honey

I make a point of memorizing the license plates of cars in front of me at traffic lights. I always think that maybe I’ll be useful one day solving a crime. “Oh, ’95 Corolla with plates PEEN-15? Yup. Saw that whip at the intersection of Fullwood and 51 at 10:07. No, no, keep the reward… Continue reading The Milk + The Honey

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Five on Friday

Last night Davey and I enjoyed a date night to Stagioni in Myers Park. It was delicious! We shared mortadella mousse, herbed ricotta and truffled devil eggs (the surprise standout of the night!) followed by Brussels sprouts pizza and wood fired broccoli for me and and sweet potato cavatelli for D. NB and I split… Continue reading Five on Friday

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On Our Plates

Yesterday was basically the best Monday in the history of Mondays. As a Christmas gift, one of my clients treated our team of 9 incredible women to a day at the Ballantyne Resort & Spa. Oh my heavenly days. We kicked off with a planning session and Bible study before lunch at the Gallery Restaurant… Continue reading On Our Plates